In an interesting position regarding feedback from two consecutive weeks in Nicaragua, this blog has the visual feed back from one week and written feedback from week two. The post will be updated as the information and additional photographs arrive but the combination below should give you a taste of what Nicaragua has to offer. Daniel Goz and Jan Bach Kristensen took our breath away Tapam and the reality of fishing the same waters has not been disappointing.  Enjoy … and dream.

Week two snippet …. I landed two tarpon in excess of 100 lbs and lost three; two of which were estimated about 200 lbs. One ran immediately for 300 metres, jumped and chucked the fly, even with the drag so tight I could hardly pull it out. Another was lost after 1 1/2  hours which took us right into the dark. In both cases it was just a question of the hook coming out. Even the small ones (100 lbs plus) took 45 minutes at a minimum. We were four rods and the others landed one each, the largest was in excess of150 lbs. The others all hooked a couple more each and the landing rate was about 30%.

Week one photographs … with thanks to Vadim Titovets for sending them through.

For more information or a detailed itinerary please contact Peter McLeod or call +44(0)1980 847389.