Carp fishing in Portugal, June 2021 space

Willing to try something different? Portugal is on the green list and ideal for a short break, a week getaway with a fishing rod or more relaxed time away with the family. If you want to try sight fishing for carp then now is the time to book.

We have availability in the following two weeks in June and will have July dates through shortly.

4th – 10th June 2021
12th – 18th June 2021

18 June – 6 July 2021
10 July – 16 July 2021
19 July – 31 July 2021

Number of days is not mandatory and the trip can be tailoured to your requirements.

Costs are based on one fisherman to one guide. Single room accommodation.
7 nights/6 days fishing – 2200€uro
6 nights/5 days fishing – 1880€uro
5 nights/4 days fishing – 1640€uro
4 nights/3 days fishing – 1420€uro

The video below will give you a good idea of how exciting it is to hunt these fish in shallow water along the margins and the power they exhibit when hooked. This is a species that is extremely spooky, clever, tails like a bonefish in shallow water and is extremely powerful when hooked. It’s not flats fishing but it’s the closest you will get in freshwater and as it may be a few months yet before we can get back out on the flats, definately worth considering.

Portugal is blessed with a Mediterranean climate and over 250 days a year of sun per year. Here you can sight fish for wild carp in shallow waters. You can walk along shorelines or wade through the shallows and target carp feeding in water a few inches deep, sometimes with part of their body out of the water. Make the perfect cast, present the fly with precision in its trajectory, see the carp swimming towards the fly and see it being swallowed with no mercy.

Carp Fly fishing has evolved dramatically in recent years, and the growing number of enthusiasts has expanded for a reason. Wild carp’s behavior, in optimal conditions, offers a unique experience for which you must be prepared. Anglers who already fished for tropical species such as bonefish will be surprised by the similarities, not only in how wild carp react to flies, but also their feeding places and the stalking technique involved. In shallow water, carp turn into demons able to push you to the limit and makes you want to pull your hair out. It is not only because of its strength but also for its predatory instincts or suspicion when the fly sinks just right in the front of its nose.

It is very active fishing where anglers have to follow the bank, in or out of the water, depending on the location, with extreme stealth. It is necessary to stay focused, because at any time a cloud of mud might appear, a tailing fish, or the back of a fish sticking out of water. Usually you will spot them in small groups searching for food in shallow waters. The larger specimens may be alone while searching for food among rocks and submerged vegetation. It is common to see carp between 4 kgs and 7 kgs, but the most common size run between 2 – 4 kg. The most exciting aspect are the large numbers of wild carp an angler will cast to in a fishing day. On a recent trip and angler landed over 100 fish in three days.

Portugal Carp fishing Aardvark McLeod

The lakes and reservoirs are quite large, with many spots still under exploration. The guides usually fish eight lakes offering the best conditions throughout the season. One of them, the Alqueva, is the largest artificial lake in Europe, and has approximately 1,200 km of shore line. The others are smaller but still offer excellent fishing possibilities. The variety of lakes, in addition to ensuring quality fishing, allows fishing every day in a different one. None of them are identical. Each one has its own characteristics; spots with larger carp in smaller numbers and areas with smaller fish in greater numbers. Lakes and fishing spots will be chosen according to angler’s skills and preference, but we always recommended to start fishing areas with large number of small fish in order to train and gain experience prior to attack large feeding carp. In addition to carp, anglers will also find largemouth bass and barbel, although barbel are not found in all areas. Where you find them, they will smash your flies.

Portugal Carp fishing Aardvark McLeod

If you would like to target these fish or keep your hand in for saltwater fishing then For more information contact Peter McLeod or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.

Portugal Carp fishing Aardvark McLeod