The weather gods were shining on us this weekend and we had perfect conditions throughout. Morning mist would clear away as the moisture evaporated in the blazing sunshine. We only had a small stand for Newbury, but Charlotte and I kept busy through the two days and spoke to a good number of people.

What I found most interesting was that most who came to talk to us wanted to chat about the combination trips that we do to such places as Belize, Africa, Seychelles and South America. The combination of equatorial jungle lodges and fantastic fishing operation on the coast seemed to really strike a cord, so I am loking forward to organising some more of these itineraries for couples and famillies. Before any of you are wondering about the state of play after the various hurricanes have moved through the Carribean all the Belize Lodges were untouched.

We were also lucky enough to be located next to Chris Elliott from Animal Artistry, so I am already planning to cover the walls of the office in reproduction casts! Chris’ work is outstanding, and I know of him by reputation from a number of clients who have had replicas done by him, so it was a pleasure to meet him face to face.

Again, thank you to those of you that came along to see us, we do enjoy hearing about your adventures and discussing potential plans for the future.