We’ve all seen rates of exchange lean in favour of sterling and we’ve seen it lean the other way, as is happening currently. With most fishing operators pricing in Euro or US$, we are all faced with the dilemma of how to get the best out of the current market and we are committed to offering our clients a clear cut process. So how do we approach the issue of fluctuating currencies?

Some operators choose to fix their rate of exchange at a certain point in the year, taking a conservative stance. That rate is fixed for the year, they benefit when the rates improve, you benefit when the rates drop. Unless you suddenly get a bill for the difference courtesy of the “small print”.

Some choose to only work in currency which is not an issue if you too have currency accounts or have the time to spend working out where to get the best rate.

We believe that flexibility is key.

From beginning to end of the booking process, you will know what your options are and what the fishing cost is in whatever currency the fishing operator prefers. At the point of Deposit, you can choose whether to pay in currency or for us to purchase the currency for you, allowing you to benefit from the current rate of exchange with no risk buffers built in.  When the Balance falls due, the process is repeated.  Of course there is the possibility that the rate will improve or worsen; but the chose of how to deal with that is yours; you are not having those decisions made for you.

Alternatively, if the rate at the time is beneficial, we can fix the rate for the full currency amount so you have no exposure to future fluctuations. In this instance, you will still only be invoiced for the Deposit. We won’t ask you to pay for the trip in full just because you have chosen to fix the trip cost. Once agreed and fixed, if the rate of exchange worsens, we will never ask you to pay any more to make up the difference.

We do have currency accounts if you would prefer to pay all or part of your trip cost in currency and if you cover your bank charges we’ll include some useful “extras” in your final document packs by way of a small thank you.

Ultimately, whether you pay in sterling or currency or a mix of the two, the choice is yours so please do ask; we are all always happy to talk you through the options. For more information please contact us or call the office on +44(0)1980 847389.Aardvark McLeod, currency options, flexible payments