We know, weather matters.

We often hear from people who are considering going bonefishing that they’d love to plan a trip, if only they knew in advance that the weather was going to be decent.  Andros South thought to themselves that typically “the weather is almost always decent on South Andros anyhow”…but they understand the concern, particularly during the ‘winter months’ that honestly have a bad rap as it relates to weather.

So they decided to get a little creative and give a new booking policy a try for Andros South.

They think that most of the time, minor disturbances in the weather aren’t going to affect your decision to take a trip. They think that most of the time, major disturbances in the weather can be seen in a forecast 7 days out. If you see what you think is terrible weather on the horizon, they don’t want you to be locked in to a trip you don’t want to take.


Andros South Rescheduling Policy for 2010

If you book a new trip to Andros South that takes place any time in 2010, you can reschedule your trip, for any reason, with 7 or more days’ notice, for any time within a year, subject to availability.
They do not charge a penalty for rescheduling your trip.  As long as you give us 7 days’ notice, we will book you in any available week within the next year.
Within 7 days of your trip, rescheduling is not allowed and refunds are not given.
You’re responsible for all charges related to rescheduling your trip, including but not limited to airline change fees and fare changes, hotel charges, etc.
Right now this program only applies for new bookings of trips that take place in 2010.  As they come to the end of 2010, we’ll evaluate the program and make a decision on whether or not we continue it.

So, who wants to go bonefishing?