The Rio Marié in the Brazilian Amazon is the largest peacock bass fishery in the world and a wonderful choice for exciting jungle fishing. This river of records didn’t disappoint during the 2023/24 season with a series of unprecedented achievements. We’ve just received this Rio Marie 2024 season round up from the guides on this extraordinary river.

Much like previous seasons, this one has proven to be an undeniable success, despite contending with the unusually severe drought that gripped vast swathes of the Amazon rainforest—albeit to a lesser extent in our waters. The season kicked off with an electrifying start as longtime guests and friends Mike and Steve landed an unprecedented double catch of +20lbs peacock bass in the very first week—a feat unique to our river. The excitement surged in the following week when Brent Van Niekerk shattered the standing IGFA all-tackle length world record for peacock bass with a colossal 94cm fish. Not to be outdone, Pamela Salles also made headlines by breaking another IGFA record, this time in the 20lb tippet class fly tackle.

Brazil Rio Marie 2024 season round up

And that was just the beginning of our season! We were privileged to host renowned figures from the fly fishing industry, including Jako Lucas and Helmut Zaderer, accompanied by talented filmmakers. Their stunning footage showcased our river from unprecedented perspectives, capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Amazon rainforest and its giant peacock bass. While low waters are generally favorable for peacock bass fishing in the Amazon, the record-breaking drought presented unique challenges. Weeks of exceptionally low water levels not only hindered the navigation of our mothership through sandbars but also made many of our usual fishing spots inaccessible. This demanded exceptional dedication from our guide staff, who skillfully adapted to locate fish in previously unexplored areas.

Overall, the season lived up to the Marié River’s renowned reputation. Our exploratory weeks at the Headwaters Camp proved to be a resounding success, prompting plans for expansion in future seasons, as anglers explored previously untouched spots. With numerous world records shattered—bringing our tally to over 15 records set on our river—and a long list of satisfied customers eager to return, our river, staff, and accommodations continue to exceed expectations. For those fascinated by numbers, here’s a glimpse into the statistics for the entire 2023/24 season: A staggering total of 6,353 butterfly peacock bass were captured. In addition, we landed a solid number of 1,018 Temensis peacock bass, including 210 weighing over 15lb and 72 surpassing the 20lb mark.

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This season has undoubtedly been one of the best in the history of the Marié River since our inception in 2014. The water levels were truly remarkable, and the abundance of species, particularly those exceeding 15lb, was unprecedented. This underscores the fact that the conservation of the Marié River and our collaborative efforts with our indigenous partners have yielded exceptionally positive outcomes in terms of fisheries management and angling results. Our collective dedication to preserving this pristine environment ensures that it remains a premier destination for fly fishing enthusiasts worldwide, offering unparalleled experiences amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Amazon. This once again demonstrates that the Marié River is the largest and finest sanctuary for giant peacock bass in the Amazon.

Brazil Rio Marie 2024 season round up

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