Fishing Ryabaga Camp Ponoi, Russia, atlantic Salmon.

The Ponoi River needs little introduction from a fishing perspective as chances are if you fish for salmon then you will already know of the Ponoi and its reputation as one of the finest if not the finest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world.

No other Atlantic salmon river in the world can match the Ponoi’s enviable combination of catch numbers and size; it really does meet that perfect equilibrium. It also offers a very long season, starting in late May and ending in early October. Within this period there are two very distinct seasons; the Spring and the Autumn, both holding individual appeal.

The fishing can be done from the bank or from the boat with a huge variety of water making both perfectly feasible. Indeed, the Ponoi is the perfect river no matter what your experience level or age, as there truly is something for everyone!

2017 season prices (single cabin as standard):
27th May – 3rd June; US$12,990 per rod 
3-10th June; US$15,490 per rod
10-17th June; US$15,490 per rod
17-24th June; US$14,790 per rod
24th June – 1st July; US$12,490 per rod
1-8th July; US$11,490 per rod
8-15th July; US$8,490 per rod
5-12th August; US$7,490 per rod
12-19th August; US$8,490 per rod
19-26th August; US$12,490 per rod
26th August – 2nd September; US$14,490 per rod
2-9th September; US$14,990 per rod
9-16th September; US$15,490 per rod
23-30th September; US$11,990 per rod
30th September – 7th October; US$8,990 per rod

All prices do not include the charter flight cost; return from Helsinki, which is around US$1,150 – this is to be confirmed. Additional costs would be return flight to Helsinki, overnight stay in Helsinki and then tips at lodge.

Catch stats:
Not sure what week to go on? First of all, please contact us as we will be able to tailor the week and period accordingly. However, the following catch stats may also assist in your decision making process. Please note that this is over 6 days of fishing and is compiled over 15 seasons. For example, 47 salmon per angler per week equates to just under 8 salmon per day.

27th May – 3rd June; 47 salmon per rod
3-10th June; 47 salmon per rod
10-17th June; 47 salmon per rod
17-24th June; 39 salmon per rod
24th June – 1st July; 33 salmon per rod
1-8th July; 30 salmon per rod
8-15th July; 25 salmon per rod
5-12th August; 20 salmon per rod
12-19th August; 19 salmon per rod
19-26th August; 20 salmon per rod
26th August – 2nd September; 20 salmon per rod
2-9th September; 27 salmon per rod
9-16th September; 30 salmon per rod
23-30th September; 25 salmon per rod
30th September – 7th October; 20 salmon per rod

Fishing Ryabaga Camp Ponoi, Russia, atlantic Salmon.

If you would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact Steffan Jones or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.