The Hítará River stands tall among Iceland’s prized salmon destinations, offering a haven for avid anglers seeking both technical challenges and the thrill of catching multi-sea winter fish. With only a 90 minute drive from Reykjavik this river, though modest in size, has an extensive fishing legacy that traces back to the days when British nobility first cast their lines here.

The Hítará embodies the quintessential Icelandic river characteristics: intricate currents, crystalline pools, the demand for small flies, and the finesse of technical fishing across its 29-kilometer stretch. With accommodation for six rods in its primary salmon section, it caters perfectly to cohesive groups. A single-handed rod or a light two-hander proves ideal here, rewarding anglers with numerous catches surpassing the seven-pound mark. Just below the lodge, the landscape takes on a rugged character with rocky formations and miniature canyons, while the upper stretches of the river present a more expansive, open terrain.

Venturing into the upper stretch reveals a wilder landscape, where towards the end of July, a bounty of salmon awaits. Moreover, this region offers superb Arctic char and trout fishing, with char specimens reaching impressive sizes of six to seven pounds. These species add a delightful diversity to the experience, particularly during slower salmon fishing periods. Noteworthy among these fishing havens are Langidráttur and Grettisstillur, showcasing their splendour, not forgetting Breidin, an excellent spot for those seeking convenience.

The lodge along the Hítará River is an exquisite testament to craftsmanship and comfort, a creation by the esteemed Jóhannes, renowned for his work at Hótel Borg. Positioned against the rocky banks overlooking the mesmerizing Brúarfoss Falls, it allows anglers to watch salmon jumping and running the pool below while enjoying breakfast. Inside, the ambiance is inviting, with cozy spaces adorned with tasteful Icelandic decor, inviting weary anglers to unwind after a day’s adventure. The lodge’s strategic location near the main pools gives easy access to the most productive pools on the river and make it an integral part of the unforgettable Hítará fishing experience.

This river very rarely has space become available and is normally booked by intact groups year on year. A prime 4 day slot has just become available:

8 – 12 July: 6 rods– £9,570 per rod based on 4 days fishing.

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