Howard Taylor from Upstream Dryfly, Justin Anwyl from Bass Fishing and I hosted an evening at the Peat Spade near Stockbridge on Friday night in the Mayfly Mess. Howard and Justin organised it as evening presentations and dinner followed by practical saltwater casting clinics on the Saturday morning. We had the pleasure of 12 clients joining us for the event which turned out be an ideal opportunity to meet like minded people and chat about fishing in the salt.

Dinner was fantastic and while they were having their coffee and could not escape I subjected them to an assault of my favourite saltawater destinations and tried to give them an introduction to species, techniques and tackle. Hot on my heels Justin gave a highly detailed presentation on Uk Bass fishing around the south coast which he is very much the Guru of.

I had the biggest compliment I have received after a presentation when one of them came up to me afterwards and told me that it was so exciting it made him feel sick! Anyway, I think it was a compliment…..