Alphonse fishing report 12-19 October 2019


As full moon approached great fishing was experienced on St Francois Atoll last week. The week started with a spring tide and 12 eager anglers keen to wet their lines and bend their rods. Throughout the week a strong south easterly wind was present which made casting a challenge however this did not affect fishing with some amazing catches reported. The spring tides allowed for excellent shots at GT’s, milkfish, bonefish and triggerfish. One day Bill Oehming and Dinks ventured into the deeper waters on the outside of the reef and landed an estimated 40 fish of various species.

Day one on the atoll was a fantastic day with sunny weather and a strong breeze. A total of 127 bonefish were landed, the biggest measuring 60 cm caught by John ‘Thunder’ Thorton who also managed to land a 65 cm GT. Dave Abbott landed an impressive 87 cm GT.

On day two anglers managed to land 103 bonefish. Tom Eberie landed an amazing 50 cm moustache triggerfish. Adrian Reynolds who has been visiting for the last five years caught a very well deserved 97 cm GT on a popper in the Ignobilis Channel for the first time. Allen Carter landed a 67 cm GT that was hunting on the back of a ray on a late afternoon pushing tide.

On day three a whopping 140 bonefish were landed with the biggest measuring 62 cm, this was caught by Bill Oehming. After a few days of hard work Dinks caught a 25 cm moustache trigger. A large 94 cm milkfish was landed by Bob Bullard after a 30 minute fight, this was the first milkfish of the Alphonse 2019 season.

On day four, 67 bonefish were landed. It was a challenging day with high wind speeds and isolated rain showers throughout the day.

Day five was a great day for all anglers, 43 bonefish were landed. Dave Abbot and Frederick Thranhradt landed three GT’s measuring 67, 74 and 87 centimetres. John ‘Thunder’ Thorton was lucky enough to break the magic one metre mark landing the biggest GT of the week.

Day six saw 50 bonefish being landed between the 12 Anglers. Tom Eberle landed a 30 cm moustache triggerfish.

Another fantastic week was spent at Alphonse Island fishing St Francois Atoll. Memories were made and bonds were formed that will last a life time. Stay tuned for next week’s report as we are sure you won’t want to miss it.

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