Alphonse fishing report 21st – 28th December 2020

It has been a very jolly Christmas on Alphonse Island. Anglers have been fortunate to experience decent weather conditions with a fairly strong westerly wind and good light.

Tides have been transitioning from a neaps to a springs. The fishing has been very good  with some anglers walking away with their catch of a lifetime.

The bonefishing was brilliant with anglers landing a grand total of 149 bonefish over the week. The week was off well with Ralph Trim landing a beautiful 75 cm GT. Terrance Trim landed a lovely permit measuring 44 cm on top of that all that and the brothers managed to land some decent sized bonefish. David Fell landed the GT of the day measuring a massive 104 cm – any GT caught measuring over 100 cm is considered a trophy fish.

Tommy Hardecky a legendary guide and angler joined us for Christmas, on day one Tommy managed to land two moustache triggerfish measuring 35 cm and a massive 50 cm. Day two was a good day for Simon Cooke, Simon managed to land his first bonefish as well as a beautiful 30 cm permit. On day three we saw Tommy land another two GT’s measuring 65 cm and 70 cm as well as a monster bluefin trevally measuring 70 cm.

Wyatt Fell a young man who worked hard over the week to land a GT finally did. Wyatt landed a 63 cm GT fishing the famous Milkyway Channel, Wyatt also landed an impressive 65 cm bluefin trevally later that day topped off with some nice big bonefish. Day six was the day for GT’s, a very experienced Alphonse Atoll fisherman Mr David Hall managed to land a flats slam consisting of a bonefish, a 44 cm moustache triggerfish, and an impressive 88 cm GT. Mark Speelman was certainly the angler of the day, Mark managed to land four GT’s measuring 60 cm, 75 cm, 91 cm and a massive 103 cm.

Alphonse Total Catch Stats From 10 Anglers for the Week

Bonefish 149
Permit 2
Triggerfish 6
Giant Trevally 15
Bluefin Trevally 9

Alphonse, Giant Trevally, Aardvark McLeod

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