Astove Fishing Report 2nd – 9th March 2020

Week 17 was presented to the new guests on location with neap tides and difficult weather conditions. Despite the weather guests took the challenge head on and after the first day realized there was still plenty of opportunity for great catches to be had.

 Between the group there was a good deal of competition on the go and after the first day the teams were even on all accounts. Oswaldo, Nikos and Charles each catching good GTs and rest of the party filling their boots with a bag of bonefish, bluefin trevally and various reef species.
As the week progressed the tidal range started to increase and with this so did the numbers of fish seen and caught.
Despite the valiant efforts of several anglers the large grouper hooked while dredging the depths got away, taking and breaking tackle in the process. Polling the flats during the mid neap tide cycle produced the best result for Emanuel and Oswald, three GTs a piece.
The tides on the final day opened up the opportunity for a host of new flats species. Despite plenty of triggerfish seen, unfortunately they proved to tricky getting the best of the anglers.

After the week was complete all the group had seen a multitude of species and caught some personal bests. Nikos landed the fish of the week, five minutes before the end of the last day, a magical 98 cm GT. All in all, a great week had by everyone.

Total Catch Stats For 6 Anglers For The Week

Bonefish 15
Giant trevally 55

Astove, Triggerfish, Aardvark McLeod

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