The second week of the season saw the return of some familiar South African faces to the shores of Cosmoledo atoll. Although not ideal for GT’s the neap tides made it possible to target all the other wonderful species that make Cosmoledo such a special diverse fishery. Cosmelodo atoll Seychelles Aardvark McLeod

The Neill brothers lead the charge with Gary starting off with his first ever Indo-Pacific permit, Bruce landing a great yellowfin tuna offshore and Paul having the trip of his life by landing the most GT’s as well as his first ever moustache triggerfish and a monster permit. Cosmelodo atoll Seychelles Aardvark McLeod

Michael Beamish and Ray Cadiz added to their variety with a moustache triggerfish each. The GT’s were around in good numbers with stories of big GT’s being enticed and almost caught with 44 GT’s, two Indo-Pacific permit and three triggers being landed between the eight anglers. Cosmelodo atoll Seychelles Aardvark McLeod

All the guests spent some time experiencing the world class bone fishing that Cosmo has to offer.  More importantly the Lonestar had to be back to Astove while the guys were fishing Cosmo for a quick Seybrew restock after the new consumption record was exceeded.  Cosmelodo atoll Seychelles Aardvark McLeod

At the end of the week many different fish species had been landed and some great angling stories had been shared. All in all a great time was had by all  and we can’t wait to get the group back again next season to settle some scores with a few monster GTs.

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing co. team.

If you would like discuss Cosmoledo or receive further information, please contact Peter McLeod. Alternatively, please contact the office on +44(0)1980 847389.Cosmelodo atoll Seychelles Aardvark McLeod