Cosmoledo Fishing News 6th – 13th February 2020

Cosmoledo is showing off with another superb week of  GT fishing with197 fish being landed.

Richard Hannah, David Koepsel, Billy Platt, Jason Carrico, Greg Almond, Byron Christie, Mike Peck, David Williams, Ron Catena and David Mangum were the lucky anglers who had this epic week of fishing. This will we be a week for the books and hard to beat.

David Mangum came close to the unimaginable, the golden grand slam, all five target species in one day, sadly he missed out on a chance at a milkfish. Nonetheless, his Super Grand Slam was one of the highlights of the week. This included landing a bonefish, triggerfish, GT (four in total with the biggest measuring a massive 121 cm) and rounding off with the only permit (70 cm) of the week.

Fishing buddies, Billy and Jason together with Ron and Mike all shared their turn in achieving a flat slam by catching a bonefish, triggerfish and GT in a day. Jason landed the only milkfish for the week, sadly Billy lost his after a hefty fight.

Ron was the big fish winner with his incredible 123 cm GT. Richard landed a fish of a lifetime, a 118 cm GT in the surf. This fish took almost 200 yards of backing before he was able to turn it and bring it back to shallows. Byron not being left out added to the meter plus tally with an impressive 106 cm GT.

Cosmoledo Total Catch Stats For 10 Anglers For The Week

Giant trevelly 197
Bonefish 8
Triggerfish 15
Milkfish 1
Permit 1

Cosmoledo, Giant Trevally, Aardvark McLeod

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