The 2023/24 season on Farquhar Atoll has has just kicked off and we will keep you up to date with all the latest fishing reports in this blog.

Farquhar Atoll is the most southerly atoll in the Seychelles islands, lying just over 700km to the southwest of Mahé. This remote atoll has a total area, including the large lagoon, of 170.5 km². The large ear-shaped lagoon provides easy skiff access to the countless flats, channels, and surf zones that make Farquhar such an amazing fly fishing destination.

The atoll is famous for the sheer diversity of fish species on offer to anglers, so if stalking bonefish in skinny water, chasing the golden sickles of a permit, throwing crab flies at crafty tailing triggerfish, trying to hold back the powerful runs of a bumphead parrotfish or holding your nerve as large giant trevally charges in at your fly… well, then Farquhar is certainly the fly fishing destination for you.

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There are still some rods available on Farquhar so please contact us if you would like space held or more details.

6 – 13 November 2024
4 – 10 December 2024

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 27th March to 3rd April

Ten anglers took to the flats on day one and were met with some tricky weather conditions, but Sasha, despite this challenge, landed the first GT of the week!

Day two brought more sunlight and calmer winds. Makoto opened his bumphead parrotfish account in style with a beautiful specimen measuring 105cm. Father-son duo George and Gaden, along with manager and guide Shaun, had a fantastic day, both landing a GT. Gaden even managed to land the third African pompano of the season.

The following day welcomed magnificent weather. Laurens landed his first GT of the week. On the boat with guide Evan, Gerry managed to land a decent GT in the morning. After landing his GT, he went in search of bumpies. It wasn’t long before Gerry hooked a fish, scoring his first bumphead parrotfish. He then went on to finish the day with a few bonefish, scoring him a flats slam!

On a different boat, Charlie searched for GTs with his guide, Chad. A decent-sized GT appeared from the deep. Charlie laid out a beautiful cast within sight of the fish, and it darted straight at the boat and took the fly. After several intense moments, Charlie had his 97cm GT in the net. Next on the list were bumpies, and he managed to land one of those too. Charlie then successfully sought out a bonefish to seal the deal on his flats slam. Two slams in one day for the team!

Day four was the day of giants. Sasha managed to land a sizeable banded trevally, a rare catch. Dean went trolling in search of GTs with Laurens and Fitz. Laurens landed a GT first, a 101cm unit. That is one impressive fish! Fitz cast, and the fish made quick work of the fly. After some intense moments of tug of war, he landed his first-ever GT, which measured a magnificent 99cm.

The catch of the week and one of the season’s highlights went to Gerry. With guide Evan, the two gents headed to Deep South Coral Ridges in search of a big GT. It wasn’t long before a huge fish was spotted. The fish was apprehensive at first, but with a well-laid cast and slow strips, the fish sucked up the fly. Evan was quick on the motor and chased the fish around the coral heads for several nail-biting moments until he finally grabbed the leader and directed the monster of a fish into the net. The fish came in as the second biggest of the season, measuring 122cm. What a day of GT fishing!

On day five, and Gerry added another GT to his list. Gaden tried his hand at bumpies. One cast, and he was tight with a solid fish. Through great patience, he landed his first bumpy, coming in at 102cm. Makoto was on his own quest for bumpies. He managed to hook several fish from the same group over the course of the next hour or so and landed two of them, one of which measured 104cm.

In the dying moments of the final day, Paul caught his first GT. Gaden also added another GT to his tally. Charlie landed his trophy bonefish of 60cm. Sasha decided to mix things up and take to blue water, ending up hooking a sizeable wahoo, thus completing his trip to Farquhar with a bang.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 20th to 27th March

Farquhar welcomed nine eager anglers, excited to see what this incredible fishing atoll has to offer.

Steve landed his first-ever GT, along with George, who landed his in the last dying minutes of the day. Jorg joined the GT party with two of his own. Bill managed to land a slightly elusive version of trevally, a golden, to kick off his week. William and Robin both landed their first bonefish.

The following day was full of fishing action. Jamie and Tim landed their first GTs for the week. Bill had an amazing day with guide Evan, landing an array of different species, including bohar snapper and white-blotched grouper, among others. He also landed himself a GT and a moustache triggerfish.

Slowly poling along a deep turtle grass and coral drop-off, Tim spotted 15 geets, all jet black, following a large nurse shark, heading straight towards the boat. One strip and a massive back GT engulfed the fly no more than 25 feet from the boat. Before Jorg could get in contact with his fly, the fish spat the it out, and another large but considerably smaller GT ate the fly and came tight. The GT measured a monstrous 113cm, leaving the mind to wonder how large the other GT was. Nevertheless, it was a catch to remember and an amazing moment.

On day five, Steve started off events with a GT off the back of a stingray, along with a few bonefish. Robyn, practicing her cast in the deep water of the lagoon, suddenly got a fish on the line. She managed to land the GT which measured in at 92cm. What a unit for your very first!

Steve followed with another GT, this time crossing the line that every angler dreams to cross, the metre mark. While on the turtle grass flat, having lunch, a large GT was spotted approaching slowly. With several long, slow strips, the GT lit up on the fly. After fighting the fish hard in shallow water like a true champion, Steve landed a 101cm GT and a trophy at that. He also managed to land a bumphead parrotfish, a first for him. To top it all off, Steve achieved his first flats slam!

Tim wanted to catch a bumpy the whole week, and on his last day, he gave it his all. After a tricky battle around the coral head and rocks, he finally got his prize. He ended his week on a high note, that’s for sure!

By the end of the week, Bill had ticked off a metre GT and a yellow margin triggerfish from his list. In the last dying moments of his trip, he managed to lay out a beautiful cast at two GTs. The fight was on! He landed an incredible fish, coming in at an impressive 102cm, making that the third geet over the meter mark for the week.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 13th to 20th March

Nine anglers hit the water this week during the Farquhar season, brimming with anticipation of what surprises the atoll had in store.

The first day of the week set a high bar for the days to come, with some special catches coming to hand. Emily was quick to tick off her first bumphead parrotfish on the shallow turtle grass flats. It was a beautiful specimen around the 90cm mark. She then rounded off her incredible day with an even rarer catch, a golden trevally — the first of the season and a fish celebrated among the guides as one of the finest to target on the flats.

On the same boat as Emily, Dom managed to land himself another giant trevally, using his experience in landing GTs. John joined in on the action and landed his first GT on the fly. John picked up on the GT action again when he landed another one of the brutes on day three.

The following day saw the GT frenzy quieten down, prompting the anglers to search for other species abundant on Farquhar. Dom went on a surf walk with head guide Gerry, attempting to stalk triggerfish and bumphead parrotfish. Dom had no trouble bringing a beautiful moustache triggerfish to the net during his walk. Some of the team also headed offshore for some dredging action in deeper waters.

James soon found himself on one of the rarer species Farquhar has to offer, successfully landing a magnificent saddleback grouper, still in its bright yellow phase and looking very photogenic.

The next day started with most of the team heading to the inside of the atoll on pristine white flats in search of bonefish and permits. David L. bagged himself a 60cm bonefish, classified as a trophy specimen. Sam quickly became the angler of the day when he landed his first Indo-Pacific permit in the dying minutes of the day.

David landed another trophy bonefish of 60cm on the last day, while Dom was targeting triggers and landed himself another moustache. David G ended his week on a high note and landed a banded trevally, a rare catch not many can claim.

Congratulations to all our anglers for their superb catches this week!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 6th to 13th March

This week, we welcomed 10 anglers from Russia, France, and America to test their fishing skills on the flats of Farquhar. The group was greeted on the first day with spectacular weather, which stayed for most of the week. The main aim for our guests was to land the famous Farquhar GTs and the large bonefish the atoll is known for.

Kent opened the GT account for the group, landing GT number one on the opening day. Several bonefish and other reef species were also caught on the first day. Kent, being no stranger to GTs, continued his hot streak and landed another on day two. Mark, from the USA, also landed his first-ever GT, doing it in style with only a few minutes to spare in the day.

Kent and Mark were soon on a rampage and continued to bring the heat, landing another GT each on day three. Steve decided that he was not going to let the two steal the spotlight and added to the catch stats with his very first GT. He also caught several other reef-dwelling fish throughout the day, including some large bluefin trevally. Congrats, gentlemen!

On the fourth day, the light made it slightly more challenging for GT fishing. Igor and his guide Gerry decided to take on the bonefish and ended up breaking the record for the most bonefish in one day when he caught 35 of them! Just to add to the already eventful session, five of the bones were over 60cm, all considered trophy fish. The biggest measured in at 66cm, a unit of a specimen. As if this wasn’t already a stellar performance, he also got his first GT for the week. What a day!

On day five, Kent and Mark were at it again, both landing a GT each. Peter joined the party by catching his first GT on the white sand flats of South Island on a pack of rays.

Kent hadn’t had enough and had to leave with a bang, landing another GT on the closing day of fishing. Philippe had been after 60cm bonefish the whole week, landing several between the 55 – 59cm range. He finally cracked the trophy with a calibre specimen in the last 20 minutes of the fishing week with a 60cm bonefish. Congratulations!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 28th February to 6th March

Four eager anglers from America and Russia arrived on Farquhar this week with high hopes. Their eyes were keenly set on GTs.

The first few days of fishing proved difficult as conditions were almost too good. Light wind made for difficult GT fly fishing despite the fact that we had some good sightings. However, bonefish and other reef-dwelling species were caught in between the attempts made at GTs.

On day three, Roman decided to try his hand the bumphead parrotfish for which Farquhar famous. He managed to tick this unique and sizeable specimen off his bucket list. He also brought a trophy bonefish of over 60cm to hand. All in all, he had an eventful day!

The GTs started to make their appearances more aggressively later in the week, and Lance managed to land the first one on day four.

David was not one to shy away from catching a hungry GT and soon followed with his own on day five. On the same day, several large fish were lost around the atoll, but it only fuelled the fire in the hopes of a chance of grabbing that coveted GT on the last day.

The final day of fishing brought hopes into reality. Lance managed to land himself another GT to add to his growing list. Coco, finally, after a few days trying on Alphonse, joined us on Farquhar, where she caught her first-ever GT with only a few hours left to spare on her fishing adventure. The man of the hour was undoubtedly Roman, who had not landed a GT the whole week. However, on the last day, he managed to land not one but three GTs, proving just how unpredictable GT fishing can be and how perseverance prevails.

This was an exciting week filled with anticipation and, ultimately, success. Thank you to all the anglers who joined us.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 21st to 28th February

Ten anglers from various states across the US arrived at Farquhar with high hopes and even higher spirits. The week began with gorgeous weather, and our anglers took full advantage of it.

Two anglers, Murray and John W, started the week off with their very first bonefish ever. John W kicked off his week with an incredible catch – a beautiful 65cm Napoleon wrasse. Curtis arrived and ticked off one of his bucket list fish on day one, a magnificent bumphead parrotfish.

The second day of the week brought clouds and rain. Regardless, the anglers went out and fished hard. Murray capitalised on his shots and caught his very first GT. Michael also took advantage of the opportunities presented and made a beautiful cast to a pack of big GTs, landing his biggest GT yet — an impressive 115cm fish.

Day three welcomed clearer weather, with the sun returning and shining with very light winds. Matt started off his day with his first GT of the week, and Michael caught yet another GT, building on his confidence from day one. John M finished the day with his first-ever trigger, a stunning moustache trigger. Greg concluded his day with a beautiful 85cm Napoleon wrasse and a nice GT. Johnny W caught his bucket list fish, a massive 107cm bumphead.

On day four, the sun was shining, and the anglers’ spirits were at an all-time high. Murray took advantage of the fantastic weather and caught a great GT. Matt caught his first trigger of the week. Thomas had a slower start to the week while looking for GTs, but on this day, it all changed. He landed a behemoth GT of 118cm – a fish that will certainly be remembered! Johnny W also had a phenomenal day, with an 85cm Napoleon and the biggest permit of the Farquhar season, a 66cm beauty!

The fantastic weather continued through day five. However, the fish were particularly tricky, especially the GTs. The guides changed gears and decided to focus more on triggers and bumpies. Murray caught his first trigger, as did John W, who caught his first moustache trigger.

The final day continued with the brilliant weather, yet the GTs were still being difficult. Johnny made his shots count and, with great perseverance, caught his first GT of the week. Thomas had his eyes set on catching a bumpy the entire week and patiently waited until the last day to make it happen. After an intense battle involving manoeuvring through coral scares, Thomas landed a massive 113cm bumpy – the biggest of the season!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 7th to 14th February

Farquhar welcomed nine anglers from America this week. They arrived to spectacular weather and tranquil, calm seas. The bright sunshine and crystal-clear water pushing over the flats provided the anglers with two spectacular days.

The bonefish were out in their thousands, keeping our anglers very busy! The average size recorded for bones caught was impressive, with both Joe and Ken landing trophy fish over the 60cm mark.

We had an abundance of GTs this week, offering everyone prime opportunities to cast, hook, and land these feisty fish. Jared, Jay, Ken, and Craig Mall caught respectable geets during the first two days. Craig S landed two GTs, with the standout fish measuring an impressive 126cm! A spectacular catch!

Midway through the week, the weather became a little challenging, with some rain. However, this did not stop Brian B from landing his first GT of the week.

The rain persisted for the remainder of the week, but it brought some exciting fishing opportunities. Brian B landed a rare African pompano measuring an impressive 97cm. Ken had a great morning session, landing two respectable GTs. Craig M landed a metre geet on the last day, with Ed landing a GT in the final moments of the trip.

This week, our anglers showed immense perseverance, staying focused and enthusiastic throughout despite some rainy conditions. Congratulations, gentlemen, on all the catches made this week!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 31st January to 7th February

10 slightly nervous anglers arrived on Farquhar for the first fishing week of 2024. A storm system was holding in the area, with rain and winds hitting the Atoll. Fishing during the first two days was limited to walking in the lee of the islands with little shield from the weather. Yet, the weather could not dampen the spirits of these tenacious anglers, who were determined to make the most of their trip.

During this time, Justin landed a moustache triggerfish while Mike got himself a GT to start the fishing trip off. As the week progressed, the weather improved and the skiffs were able to venture out on the Atoll. The air was thick with anticipation, and the fishing did not disappoint! Six GTs were landed, and Mike caught his first-ever bumphead parrotfish, adding to the excitement of the trip.

The following day saw a number of GTs landed, with Bobbie catching the biggest of the day at 101cm. Justin did not walk away empty-handed either; he caught himself a yellowmargin triggerfish.

The next day featured another eight GTs coming to hand, with Terry landing a fish close to a metre! Justin continued his winning triggerfish streak and caught a trophy 56cm yellowmargin that was tailing on the turtle grass flats.

Day six was a busy one too, with several GTs caught by the group. Matt managed to get himself a yellowmargin triggerfish. The highlight of the day was Chris’s 58cm permit caught in the gaps on the white sand.

Despite the weather conditions, the group’s spirits remained high. The lodge turned into a festive hub of laughter and shared tales. The camaraderie was a testament to the unforgettable experience they shared on this trip.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 6th to 13th December

We welcomed the Jensen and Wessel families to a week filled with angling excitement under clear, sunny skies.

From day one, there was a buzz of excitement as all the boys eagerly ventured onto the flats. Craig wasted no time, promptly hooking up and landing his first GT of the week. Brendan followed suit, landing his GT, and then both he and his brother Mathias scored their first bonefish, while their mom, Adri, joined in on the action, landing her first bonefish on fly.

Day two unfolded as a laid-back exploration day, while they ventured out to explore the island as well as doing some snorkelling. Following a delicious lunch back at the lodge, the kids and guides headed out for some bluewater fishing. They returned with wide smiles, some phenomenal fish caught, and some big ones that got away!

Day three shifted the focus back to the flats, where Craig continued his success, landing another GT and a yellowmargin triggerfish. Alphonso had a stellar day, marking his first-ever bonefish and permit. The girls embarked on another bluewater fishing adventure, with Rachel landing a wahoo.

On day four, the three sisters, Rachel, Rebecca, and Christin, were eager to conquer the flats with their guide, looking for their first bonefish. Walking on the sandy shores of the lagoon, they all scored, landing numerous bonefish. Well done girls!

In the remaining days of the week, many fish teased the group on the flats, and there are a couple of stories of ‘how they got away.’ The bluewater fishing remained red-hot, with numerous sailfish being hooked and lost. Brendan and Mathias added to the excitement by both landing yellowfin tuna, making it a week filled with unforgettable angling adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 29th November to 6th December

Eight avid anglers from South Africa and the United States embarked on an exhilarating journey to Farquhar, where they were greeted by weather that could only be described as a page from a travel brochure. The first day unfolded with anglers seizing the opportunity for epic fishing adventures. Gerry and his crew experienced sheer excitement as Chris conquered not one, but two GTs, a feat matched by Bruce with his own impressive double. Evan and his fellow anglers enjoyed the thrill of the waters, with Anthony reeling in his inaugural GT and Alan marking his debut GT with flair.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 season

As dawn broke on the second day, anglers awoke to the pounding rhythm of intense rain. Undeterred, guides made a bold decision to wait out the morning lightning storms, setting out at 11am. The result? An adrenaline-pumping day where Chris added another GT to his tally, and Paul made his way onto the scoreboard by landing his first bonefish, an awe-inspiring 60cm specimen!

The third and fourth day dawned with the promise of perfection. Guides were met with the best conditions of the season—little to no wind, where the ocean and horizon merged seamlessly. The challenge? The almost surreal conditions made fish skittish to fly lines and presentations. Yet, Dean and his crew experienced a fabulous day, witnessing Chris’s relentless pursuit of another GT which he successfully managed to land. Shaun capitalized on the favourable conditions, guiding Paul into another GT. Fishing with head guide, Gerry, proved golden for Bruce and Ewen, with Ewen landing an impressive duo of GTs and Bruce achieving the milestone of his first-ever bumped parrotfish, a colossal 103cm!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 season

The fifth day brought more wind, but the conditions remained favourable. Yousuf and his fellow anglers seized the day, with Ewen bagging yet another GT for the week. Evan’s crew joined the excitement, and Tripp triumphantly ticked a GT off his bucket list. Angus emerged victorious, guiding Bruce onto a GT, and Anthony etched his name in the records with his first GT over a metre at 117cm — a fish of a lifetime and the third largest of the season.

As the final day unfolded with rainy and windy conditions, the anglers refused to be daunted. Ewen added a further thrilling chapter, landing another GT to close his account for the week. In a twist of fate, Paul faced the agony of losing a trophy GT on Dean’s skiff. Angus and his guests entered the fray, with Allan landing a GT to end his trip on a high note. Evan and his anglers took centre stage, with Tripp concluding his adventure with two GTs, and Braden, in a spectacular finale in the last hour, hooked and landed a breathtaking 92cm GT on a popper—a legendary catch capping off an extraordinary week.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 22nd to 29th November

Ten anglers from Australia and South Africa landed on Farquhar and were greeted with tough conditions. Regardless of the forecast, hopes were high when Farquhar’s famous ‘pets’ were seen – massive GTs that call the island home. Due to the weather, the guides stuck to sheltered areas and sand on the first day in order to provide the best possible opportunities for the anglers, while others chose to resort to the surf in the lee of the island. Yousuf’s choice to walk the surf paid off right away when he spotted two large GTs circling slowly around a coral ridge. Paul, upwind of the fish, put out a great cast, and an epic battle ensued on foot as the fish took him way into his backing, showcasing the strength these beasts possess. The first GT of the week measured in at 98cm. What a start!

Later the same day, Paul, with his GT-mojo well rekindled, took to the channel near the lodge. It was not long before Paul was tight on another chunky specimen. Being warmed up, Paul didn’t take long to bring his second GT over 90cm to hand. Chris also started the week with his first GT in the Seychelles, which gave a tasted of what was still to come.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 season

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t improve over the following days, with tough light and strong winds, but the team prevailed once more and among the anglers, three GTs were landed, Paul, continuing on his hot GT streak. Este managed to land her first bonefish in the Seychelles as well, adding the cherry on top of another great day. A slight drop in the wind and some better light conditions midweek allowed the anglers to fish the deeper coral ridges and drop offs that Farquhar’s big GTs call home. The change in conditions definitely helped, with four GTs landed, Este with her first in the Seychelles. The man of the day was Bruce, who had already landed his first GT the day prior, but why stop there? His guide, Chad, polled along one of the deeper drop off areas near the surf in search of a large GT around coral heads. A few spots had proved unfruitful in the morning but it was not even 10 minutes along the deep drop off that Chad spotted a shoal of at least 10 large GTs cruising the edge at quite a speed. As Bruce tried to send out a cast he stomped his foot on the bow while trying to catch his balance in the slightly rough conditions. As he did so, all the GTs dipped down low and Bruce had no option but to send a long cast over the area that they were headed. One cast, no purchase. Second cast however, on maybe his second or third long strip, one of the GTs, jet black and large, charged out from off the edge and smashed the fly near the surface. The fish immediately started to empty the spool of fly line and then backing. Chad, quick on the motor got on top of the fish in no time, but as luck would have it, Bruce suddenly went slack. For a few tense moments nobody on the boat was sure whether the fish had been taxed by a shark, pulled hooks or had just rushed the boat. Bruce, however, could just barely feel some tension and faint head shakes and reeled up all the slack to once again come tight with the fish. To add to the already sky-high stress levels the motor cut out. What are odds of the fuel running out right in that moment! Luckily Bruce is no stranger to fighting GTs and while Chad very quickly switched out fuel cans, Bruce kept maximum tension the fish, keeping its head up and away from corals. Finally after one of the most adrenaline filled fights, Bruce landed the 114cm brute, his biggest geet to date. What a moment!

Chris wanted to get his hands on a yellowmargin trigger and not long into the day he had checked it off the list. He then added the bonefish on the low tide, with a potential slam on the horizon, guide, Evan, took Chris and Este into the deep coral ridges in search of the big GT. Things started out a little quiet on the ridges, but eventually a very large, jet black, GT was spotted cruising high and slow. Chris wasn’t about to miss the opportunity and laid out a beautiful cast. One or two long strips and the flat-wing style purple and black fly was engulfed. Another epic tug of war around the coral heads and ridges and Chris had landed his biggest GT to date, no surprise – Farquhar had delivered yet another biggest GT for a guest well-travelled. The fish measured in at 118cm, making it the second biggest so far this season and also securing Chris his Flats Slam. Este was not one to simply sit back and watch, and before the day was over she managed to also land a GT on foot from a beach. What a special day.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 season

Last day of the week and the weather was perfect, increasing everyone’s hunger to end on a high note. The tides were perfect for targeting bumphead parrotfish on the drop and GT on the low and the push. Mark and Chris did not disappoint, both landing their first ever bumpies. Brothers, Gary and Bruce, both managed to land GTs to close out their accounts for the week. Considering the tough weather conditions on the first few days of the week the team of anglers fished well and still caught some amazing fish!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 15th to 22nd November

This week, Farquhar hosted a group of five well-known returning guests who came to test their fly fishing skills on the flats. Two of the anglers, Nikita and Ilya came with the main goal of catching permit, so the majority of their stay was spent chasing the elusive golden nuggets. Nikita is not one to shy away from any good opportunity and he started off his week with a beautiful moustache triggerfish on his permit setup.

Rodion and Vladimir focussed their attention on the gansters of the flats and were not disappointed on the first day, landing four each. Rodion joined the metre GT club with a hefty 106cm fish. Yet again, the fish ate boat side and gave the usual run around the corals and ledges that is expected by this infamous species.

Maxim joined the GT train, landing his first on fly. The angler of the day was undoubtedly Nikita who enjoyed a moment that not many people will likely ever experience. Nikita and his guide, Cullan, were walking the beach in search of permit when several decent fish were spotted slowly working their way down a turtle grass patch along the sand. Nikita laid out a few casts ahead of the fish and eventually one of the fish broke from the pack and came after his flexo crab. The fish ate the fly and Nikita set well and started clearing the line. As the line was about to clear onto the reel, the fish came off. Upon losing the fish, Cullan noticed the permit was still fired up and urged Nikita to cast again at the same permit. As the fly landed the fish started charging for the fly again, this time, with a much faster strip, the fish ate coming towards Nikita with pace. On again, the same permit they had just lost! Nikita managed to land the fish and it was a solid one measuring in at 61cm. The permit rounded Nikita’s permit tally up to 20.

The weather wasn’t great for the last few days of the week, making the fishing challenging, but many species of grouper and other reef dwelling fish were caught on the corals during times of low visibility. Proof that there are always fish to catch on Farquhar no matter the circumstance!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 8th to 15th November

Six weeks into the season and another ten anglers arrived at Farquhar with high expectations that were soon to be exceeded.

The week started off perfectly with several amazing catches, of an array of species. Five GTs were landed by the team, with Matt stealing the GT show landing his first ever GT at a whopping 111cm. While waiting for a squall to pass, guide Yousuf, positioned the boat in a prime spot to intercept big fish on the pushing tide. As the squall passed and visibility improved, three large fish appeared near the boat. Matt laid out a short cast at the shoal and much to everyone’s surprise the fish engulfed the fly boatside. After an epic tug of war and some entangled backing, Youssie finally netted the stocky specimen.

The host for the week, Ian, also had a memorable opening day, landing a yellowmargin triggerfish that has been on his fishing bucket list for some time. It measured in at 53cm, a trophy by any standard. The trigger was caught on his bumphead parrotfish setup with an oversize merkin, proving that when a trigger wants to eat, it will without hesitation. Rob was on the same boat as Ian, who was having a go at some of the bumphead parrotfish that the atoll is so well-known for. After a few failed attempts as passing shoals, he landed himself one of Farquhar’s prehistoric looking fish.

Farquhar is known for its diversity and bluewater fishing, with John C proving just that. The aim was to catch a sailfish but instead of a sailfish coming up on the teaser a massive dogtooth tuna smashed the teaser several times. As soon as the teaser was wound in John wasted no time getting his sailfish fly into the zone and after a few near misses the doggy demolished the fly and went on a few massive runs that these fish are notorious for. The fish was estimated to be around the 100lb mark and was safely released. Definitely one of the fish of the season so far and a fish of a lifetime, well done John.

Ian is well-known for his love of permit and the fact that he already caught a bucket list fish gave him all the more reason to pursue one of these finicky fish. The light wasn’t quite right to walk a popular beach for permit in the late afternoon, so polling and casting from the boat seemed the only option. Whilst polling down the beach, three permit were spotted swimming in a line and Ian laid out a perfect cast a few metres ahead of the lead fish with his tan flexo crab. The lead fish was quick to turn on the fly and Ian, being a seasoned angler, set and fought the fish well. It was landed shortly without any hiccups, impressive if you know the nature of these elusive fish.

Some of the team took to the surf on foot and Matt landed his first ever moustache triggerfish. On a different flat in the surf, John D landed a solid bonefish at 60cm, an awesome fish. The bonefish in the surf at Farquhar are large and certainly underrated.

At the end of the week, most of the anglers left for a trip to Providence atoll, leaving just two anglers on one boat who had the atoll to themselves for the final day. What a day it was. After stormy weather on the previous day the water was much cleaner and the GTs seemed to be fired up, multiple at every spot. Between the bait balls, tailing nurse sharks and massive shoals of GTs the anglers were spoilt for choice. Both Dave and Gene landed three GTs each, Dave landing one of 90cm. Three fish over a metre were lost, all of which ate within a few rod lengths of the boat. Well over 100 GTs were spotted and almost every 10 to 15 minutes was a shot at a GT for the entirety of the day. It was a day that the two men will never forget!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 1st to 8th November

Farquhar welcomed nine anglers this week, and it was evident on the first day that the GTs were out in full force. Despite the windy conditions, they remained active the entire week. Six giant trevally were landed on day one along with many of the anglers’ first bonefish. Since the GTs were around and feeding, the team of anglers set their focus on the gangsters of the flats. Another seven GTs were landed the second day with John landing seven across the opening two days alone, two of which were over 90cm.

The pelagics also came to the party with anglers spending a few mornings giving the sailfish and tuna a run for their money. Three sailfish, along with one yellowfin tuna, were landed. Robert hit the bluewater and the flats to secure himself a Bills and Bones Slam. Alexey S took a different approach to the day and chased after the ever elusive permit; some great determination and effort resulted in him landing two of these special fish.

John took to the bluewater again midweek for another taste of the sailfish and tuna action but instead landed himself an unexpected catch. A massive dogtooth tuna ate the fish he had on and he upgraded in style. The afternoon was a special one for Dennis and Alexey E, who went on a mission for a big GT. Upon approaching the deep coral ridges that Farquhar is known for, a sizeable GT appeared in front of the skiff. Dennis wasted no time laying out a perfect cast. All it took was two or three strips, and the squid imitation was inhaled. The fish was rather well-behaved and seemed to stay just out of reach of the corals for the duration of the fight, the geet measured in at a trophy 104cm! Another 15 minutes or so went by, and Alexey was up on the bow next when another similarly sized fish presented a good opportunity. A good cast and almost identical eat to Dennis’s fish a few moments earlier resulted in the start of the battle. Unfortunately, after just a few seconds, the hook pulled, and the fish was lost. While assessing the situation, an even larger fish appeared on the surface next to the boat not even 30 seconds later. The first cast resulted in a hard refusal, but Alexey didn’t stop there, putting in another cast at close range. The fly landed a mere metre from the fish without much expectation of an eat due to the fish being within five metres of the boat. The fish sipped the fly off the surface like a giant trout and began to empty the fly line from the reel, running directly under the boat and breaking the top section of the rod. After a few minutes of intense circling of the skiff around coral heads and ledges the fish was netted. A beautiful specimen of 116cm and one that Alexey and guide, Chad, will remember forever. A very special first giant trevally on fly for Alexey.

The rest of the week saw the team catching many more GTs, racking the tally up to 25! Various other coral-dwelling fish like marbled groupers (11 for the week) and bohar snappers were also brought to hand. John ended his week with an epic catch, landing himself his first ever Indo-Pacific permit, the cherry on top of an incredible week.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 25th October to 1st November

Farquhar opened its arms to 10 eager anglers this week who gave it their best on the flats. Once again, the atoll produced some amazing fish.

Lance opened the week’s fishing in true style, landing his very first bumphead parrotfish. As the week progressed, the weather made for tough fishing and many of the guests took to the deeper water and coral heads, looking for and landing an array of different reef species. All the guests managed to tick off new species, one of the more notable catches was an 88cm African marbled grouper landed by Noah.

The giant trevally were out in full force towards the end of the week with Noah, and guide Evan, managing to land five in one day. Noah’s main goal for the week was to try and land just one GT over-the-metre-mark, he exceeded all his expectations landing not only one, but two at 104 and 122cm respectively. His 122cm giant trevally is now the biggest for this Farquhar season so far. As if the day couldn’t get better, he also landed a bonefish and a beautiful yellowmargin triggerfish to bag a Flats Slam. Like father like son, Noah’s dad, Fernando, also landed himself a sizeable moustache triggerfish.

Noah continued on his GT rampage throughout the week landing three more in the last two days, one measuring 99cm and another over a metre at 109cm. Lance also joined the GT train landing his first two GTs in the second half of the week.

Another epic week showcasing Farquhar’s big GTs and diversity!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 Season Fishing Reports – 18th to 25th October

This week saw eight anglers join us on the esteemed flats of Farquhar Atoll. Genevieve opened the week with a bang, landing a bonefish on her very first cast in the Seychelles. Later the same day, she managed to land a beautiful bumpy, taking her just one species away from a Flats Slam. Unfortunately the stars didn’t align, but there was certainly no disappointment with what she had achieved thus far. The bar was set for the week!

The anglers continued to fish with enthusiasm throughout the week, with the best day producing three above average GTs and two bumphead parrotfish. Mike managed his first Seychelles GT and his first bumpy in one go and Kent also landed his first bumpy. Mike was not done there, continuing his streak with a Flats Slam later in the week, landing Farquhar’s first permit of the season, a bonefish and another bumpy. Well done Mike!

The last few days of the week proved tough with testing weather conditions. Ed kept at it though, and he managed the second permit for the season as well as an array of other species Farquhar has on offer. One of the more notable catches was a healthy 135cm barracuda. Ed wasn’t the only angler who took to testing Farquhar’s diversity with all the anglers adding many new species to their lists, once again proving the shear diversity that this atoll holds.

Genevieve stole the show again on the last day with some GT magic, landing her first of the species in the nick of time, finishing off a phenomenal week of fishing on Farquhar. Congratulations to all the anglers and we hope to welcome you back again soon.

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 – 11th – 18th October

The second week of the season on Farquhar kickstarted with more memorable catches on the flats. On the first day, four of the guests managed their first GTs and Peter landed the first moustache triggerfish of the season in testing weather conditions.

Trevor was on with his first GT, his 9 wt rod with a 20lb leader holding strong. While following the fish and preparing to land it, another shoal of GTs seemed to be following the hooked GT. This presented the perfect opportunity for Michael to send a cast into the shoal. As Trevor’s fish was being landed, a trophy GT smashed the baitfish imitation that Michael was throwing and after nerve wrecking moments of untangling fly line from coral and amazing diving skills by the guide, Evan, Michael’s 116cm GT was landed. His first GT on fly and an epic GT double-up.

The Farquhar giant trevally were out in full force, with one or more landed almost every day of the week. The third day saw Jon landing the first sailfish of the week. In typical sailfish fashion it launched out of the water multiple times during the fight, putting on an epic display.

Michael was at it again with the geets landing another sizeable specimen at 97cm, continuing his big GT roll. Eames had a great end to the week, landing a beautiful bumpy of 102cm. On the same day, Peter caught the fish of the week and a fish that not many people have the privilege of catching on the flats. While attempting to catch giant trevally in a channel, he hooked a fish that appeared to be a large GT, but upon landing the fish realised that it was in fact an African Pompano. Gerry, Farquhar’s head guide, indicated that it was only the second one he had seen landed during his nine years of guiding the atoll!

Farquhar Atoll 2023/24 – 27th September to 4th October

Obliterated by the sheer amount of potential targets, it’s easy to loose track. But the group settled for the two fish Farquhar is famous for: Big GTs and bumphead parrotfish on the turtle-grass flats. Both around in good numbers and both very visual to pursue.

The group of anglers was blessed with beautiful tides starting the week with a 10:40 low. As the week progressed and the springs mellowed out, the bumpie fishing got better and better, allowing for a longer time frame of flats fishing on each tidal drop and push. A lot of water on the move is always good for big GTs.

Exposing saltwater beginners to some of the most sought-after, as well as brutal, saltwater fish a fly angler could dream of – what could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit! The group experienced the full galore of missed bites, fish sticking up and popping fly lines, and shortcomings on the technical as well as casting side. This group of predominantly freshwater anglers had to learn to swim in the sea quickly and guided by an amazing team, the anglers shifted the odds in their favour towards the end of the week and every single one of them left with a GT on the fly.

Farquhar Atoll, Seychelles Fishing. Aardvark McLeod

Host Stephan set the bar high with a 104cm GT at 6.30am on the lagoon side during a morning walk. Before the day was over, Pietari from Finland added the second one metre plus fish from the flats around Deposé. What an intro to the GT season and what a fish for Pietari to start his journey

Anna from Iceland started her GT career with a waded 93cm specimen on day two. Jason followed suit with his first GT, directly followed by a bumphead parrotfish and a bonefish, completing the first slam of the season. Stephan and Simon were sizing up on bumpies with one 93cm fish in the net first thing in the morning and another one lost.

Yuri from Georgia ushered in the big fish game, with another absolutely outstanding GT of 109cm on a 12 weight glass rod. Yuri’s son, Gleb, did well on the pelagic species with the first sailfish landed after some fruitless attempts the day before. A deep-into-the-backing family day! Slava from Russia completed his bumpie mission with a strong 88cm fish on an Alphlexo crab.

The pelagic action prompted many boats to try their luck with numerous sailfish raised and hooked. A decent size yellowfin was good news for the kitchen and for Pietari, earning another badge. Slava and Simon got to celebrate their first GTs on the fly with a stunning 91cm fish for Simon from the backside of Goulette island.

Farquhar atoll Seychelles GT Aardvark McLeod

With two days remaining, the team got serious about their big GT ambitions. Pietari and Stephan followed guide Evan into the shallows chasing permit before working some deep water section for big GTs. Blind casting an Andre Van Wyk beast-fly over milky water rose a bunch of clumsy fish before the first 80cm fish connected. The same large fly was refused by a handful of fish on the flats before a blind-cast in a blue hole materialised a 114 monster around Goulette on the end of Stephan’s line. A hard hazardous fight and a well deserved Farquhar PB for Steph. In the meantime, Anna collected more colours for her potpourri of gamefish with a bumpie. What a day!

Farquhar bid the anglers farewell in the best manner possible: An amazing day with great visibility throughout. Slava and Anna completed their to-do-list with one sailfish each. Gleb completed the group by catching his first GT in a team effort with guide Dean who had to dive ensure the fish was landed! Pietari added another GT to his list. Yuri supplied a large wahoo for the BBQ whilst Stephan and Simon went out chasing dragons again. Simon claimed his new PB with an angry 97cm geet and another 75cm fish from the deep flats with Evan, while Stephan claimed a 99cm fish first shot after a tremendous 100cm bumpie on his bonefish rod and followed by a mixed bag of reef fish including African marble grouper (AMG). This one metre bump brought the tally to an impressive six and by the end of the week, the the anglers had also caught a total of 17 geets, four of them over a metre.

Overall, a fantastic week at Farquhar Atoll. The weather was good, the tides were favourable, and the fishing was excellent. The group caught a variety of species, including some big fish. And they all had the opportunity to experience the unique and challenging fishery that Farquhar Atoll has to offer.

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