Farquhar Atoll Fishing News 3rd – 10th November 2021

Week three saw the return of the AOS (Austrian Outdoor Sports) team back to Farquhar, with Alexander and Stephan Haider as the groups’ hosts.

We had some extreme spring tides that opened up many areas and flats that cannot usually be fished. This was great as it provided some epic fishing. The wind blew unpleasantly from time to time, but this did not hinder the spirits or the fishery.

Micheal and Waltruad Hason had a dream start to their week, with Michael landing a fantastic 110 cm GT very early on the first morning. Later, Waltraud then caught a 60 cm single bonefish on turtle grass, which took her deep into her backing. Micheal continued his GT form by landing at least one per day, with the biggest being an impressive catch of 99 cm.

Heinz Koella and Joerg Hushchle ticked over nicely with some great catches. Joerg sadly had terrible luck with a GT, well, the one-metre-mark that ate his fly. However, Heinz managed to land a superb fish of 112 cm.

Christian Mairold and Christian Kammerer had a solid week, with Chris Mairold landing a moustache triggerfish along with a bonefish and a GT on the same day, giving him a mid-week Flats Slam. During his Flats Slam reign, he sadly lost a bumped parrotfish after a long fight. He then finished off the week with the only yellowmargin triggerfish landed and another moustache triggerfish, a bonefish and a GT to complete his second slam on the final day. Chris Kammerer spent his last day managing to land 11 bonefish in the surf.

Total newcomers to the flats, Manual Osterreich and Gernot Standfest had an excellent introduction to the world of saltwater flats fishing. Gernot managed a significant number of species and firsts. Manual, however, was the standout angler. He not only managed to land many firsts, but he also managed to land a bumphead parrotfish, a 105 cm GT and an epic 114 cm GT. The 114 cm being on foot in the surf!

Hosts Stephan and Alex Haider also had a fantastic week. Stephan managed to land a whopping Indo-Pacific permit measuring 69 cm, certainly one of the fish of the week for sure. He sadly lost a GT well over the one-metre mark in the surf. Alex’s most incredible catch was a moustache triggerfish measuring an unbelievable 61 cm, a fish that will be hard to beat as the season goes on.

Catches for 10 rods for the week

Giant trevally 49
Bonefish 41
Triggerfish 5
Permit 1
Bumphead parrotfish 1
Farquhar, bumphead parrotfish, Seychelles, Aardvark McLeod

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