Farquhar Atoll Fishing News 8th-15th December 2021

We had six anglers join us – Tuomas Eskelinen, William Kinney, David Moeller, Kent Cox, Jullian Grupp and Tapani Henriksson. As usual, there were various great species caught throughout the group.

Tuomas, a newcomer to the flats of the Seychelles ended up with four GTs and large yellow spot trevally. William landed a decent GT along with two monster yellowmargin triggerfish. David and Kent wrapped up many bonefish with David landing the Holy Grail, a fantastic Indo-Pacific permit. He sadly hooked and lost a bumphead parrotfish.

Tapani had one of those weeks where nothing seemed to stick. He had a great opportunity at a pair of giant GTs cruising the beach that ate his fly but unfortunately didn’t get a hook set. He also had a permit eat but was unable to find gums. He sadly also lost seven bumpies.

Julian had an epic week. He landed two bumphead parrotfish, a couple GTs and to top that off. He also managed a permit.

Farquhar, bumphead parrotfish, Seychelles, Aardvark McLeod

Catches for 6 rods for the week

Giant trevally 7
Bonefish 24
Triggerfish 2
Bumphead parrotfish 2
Permit 2

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