So far we have had a rare summer of persistent sunshine and hot weather that is looking to continue into early August. Fishing has been tricky in the middle of the day on the chalkstreams but those willing to head out first thing or fish until last light have been reward with some wonderful surface activity.

Some of our beats allow nymph fishing from the 1st July, with most then allowing nymph fishing from the 1st August. For some this is a dirty word, but for others it offers a whole new world of skill and excitement. When sight fishing with a nymph it is possible to get that same thrill and visual excitement as you do using a dry fly.

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Much the same as sight dry fly fishing, to sight nymph fish you first need to locate your chosen fish. Scanning the clean white gravel between patches of luscious green beds of ranunculus, you look for the dark outline of a trout or grayling. Moving yourself into position, using bankside vegetation and angles to mask your presence.

Once in position, fly choice and delicate casting is key. Fish a fly that is too heavy and the fish will be gone as soon as the first cast is made, a fly that is too light and the fish may never see it. You, quite literally, need to weigh up the situation.

Once the cast is made, it is now about watching your fish. You will not feel the take so you have to see it. There are various aids that can help in this situation, but by far and away the most successful is understanding the different movements of the fish. Often the giveaway is a sudden movement of the fish, a flaring of fins and a flash of the gill plate. Miss these signs and the fish has already spat the fly back out, but get it right and the target is yours.

If you are looking to improve your nymph, or dry fly, fishing this summer and autumn then join one of our expert guides on the river and they will be happy to share their secrets.

With a range of beats available across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Dorset we will be sure to find a suitable venue for you whether guided or looking to go it alone.

For more information on chalkstream fishing please do not hesitate to contact Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.