Fly Fishing the Rivers of Slovenia

Slovenia, Huchen, trout, grayling

Only a couple of hours travel from the UK Slovenia is a must visit fly fishing destination. Nestled in the heart of Europe this small country offers some of the world’s finest trout and grayling fly fishing.

Anglers are spending the final days of the Slovenian season wrapping themselves in warm layers and casting big flies for the elusive huchen (Danube salmon). Despite the season drawing to a close we know it won’t be long before the trout season kicks off and now is the time to start planning a trip.

What is it that makes Slovenia such a special destination? There are a myriad of reasons but stunning scenery, great fishing, clear waters and ease of access are just a few.

Slovenia, trout, grayling

The gin clear rivers benefit throughout the season from snow melt water that drains through porous rock before resurfacing as mineral rich spring water. This results in the water running cool throughout the summer and offers perfect growing conditions for insects and fish.

In the North West of the Slovenia there are two river systems that offer some of the world’s finest river fishing, the longest alpine river in Slovenia, the Sava, and the Adriatic basin’s Soča River.

Small mountain tributaries of sky blue water flow from the Julian Alps into Soča and Sana. Due to the clarity of this water there are plentiful opportunities for sight fishing. It is difficult to find fishing of this style or rivers of this nature closer than New Zealand.

So long as you are willing to wrap up it is possible to go fly fishing in Slovenia all year. Great trout and grayling fishing can be had in spring, summer and autumn whereas this depths of winter are reserved for the elusive Danube salmon (Huchen).

Slovenia, trout, grayling

Slovenia Fly Fishing Accommodation

A wide variety of good accommodation in the historic towns of Bled and Kobarid gives great access the Soca, Sava and their tributaries.

To fish the Sava and its tributaries the beautiful spa town of Bled is the best place to base yourself. Located just 30 minutes from the capital Ljubljana it is easy to get to and provides good access to these swift mountain streams.

Kobarid you are perfectly positioned to target much of the Soča River and its tributaries. On the other side of the Julian Alps to the Sava River, Soča system typically offers much bigger rivers.

Slovenia, trout, grayling

Travelling to Slovenia


This new British Airways schedule will be opperating four days a week during the summer months from London Heathrow to Ljubljana. This is the perfect option for those looking to travel in more comfort and with alternative time options to the regular EasyJet flights.

EasyJet will still be offering direct flights to Ljubljana from both London Stansted and (7 days per week) and London Gatwick (4 days per week).

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