Just a short flight from the UK and you can be in some of the most beautiful mountainous surroundings with beautiful clear rivers and streams, good food and great wine. The Spanish Pyrenees has somewhat been overlooked as a trout fishing destination since the days of Ernest Hemingway but it has since had a revival, and for great reasons too.

In the Pyrenees we work with lodges on both the eastern side and the western side, read on to find out the differences. If you are torn between the two then it is always possible to combine both in the same trip.

The Eastern Pyrenees

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The eastern Pyrenees fishing area covers the east of the province of Huesca in Aragón, the province of Lleida and Girona in Catalonia and, the small independent country of Andorra, offering a wide range of fly fishing waters.

The highlight of this package is fly fishing the lower reaches of the rivers combined with some excellent opportunities for trout in the mountain waters near the Lodge Hotel and Spa. This program can be combined with mountain fishing in streams and “ibons” (mountain lakes) from July to September.

The lodge, located in the small village of Aren, sits at the natural limit before the high country area, accessed through the Sopeira gorge, it was an almost virgin territory before the 20th century. The charming traditional hotel with superb local cuisine has now been turned into a lodge with all commodities.

The lodge features four suites recently restored in 2016, two apartments and eight bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Each of the rooms can be furnished with two single beds or one double bed.

All meals are served at the nearby Fonda Restaurant. The meals feature local, organic food and wine, and are anything but ordinary. Traditional dishes are enhanced by a careful selection of organic produce, and everything is fresh and tasty. The owner, Juan Antonio, and his family have owned the restaurant since 1750, and their attention to culinary detail is remarkable.

The restaurant is located close to the wine cellar where you will taste some of the great wines from Juan Antonio´s collection.

Salvelinus, spain, fly fishing, pyrenees, trout

On the ground floor of the lodge there is also a private and renovated spa and wellness centre with massage room, two different saunas, jacuzzi and gym.

The lodge also has a wader room and a drying room. A modest, but well-equipped in-house fly and tackle shop and a fly tying room.

The Western Pyrenees

The western Pyrenees form the northern boundary of Navarre and the province of Huesca. This area is considered one of the most remote regions in Western Europe. Rugged terrain makes getting to many of the trout waters extremely difficult. Their very seclusion is their protection.

The highlight of this package is fly fishing the mountain waters combined with excellent opportunities in the lower reaches of the Aragón River, all in close proximity to the fishing lodge in Santa Cilia.

Salvelinus, spain, fly fishing, pyrenees, trout

Guided trips in the Western Pyrenees combine fly fishing in mountain streams, sight fishing in “ibons” (mountain lakes), dry fly fishing spring fed creeks and targeting large wild brown trout on the middle and lower reaches of the rivers.

The lodge in Santa Cilia is nicely appointed and has a laid-back vibe that makes you feel very comfortable kicking back and enjoying time there. Located in the banks of the Aragón River, it is a 500 square metre stone building dating back in history to the 15th century, closely related to a nearby monastery, San Juan de la Peña. Nowadays, it is perfectly restored and well equipped with all the commodities needed.

The five country style bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are well furnished, comfortable and offer a good rest at the end of a long day of fishing or exploring. Each bedroom has been updated without losing its rustic personality and charm. They are offered with two single beds or one double bed.

The old fermentation room used by the monks five hundred years ago is now a private bar and lounge area. A great place to enjoy an after dinner drink and plan your next day´s fishing.

Salvelinus, spain, fly fishing, pyrenees, trout

The Palace Dining Room has been recently restored (2016). It is part of the 15th century palace and is rustic, authentic and well integrated with the rest of the stone building. Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine are usually served for breakfast and dinner. Local food and wine are a highlight as is the use of fresh produce. Tapas will be served every day from the moment you arrive at the lodge.

The lodge also has a wader room and a drying room. A modest, but well-equipped in-house fly and tackle shop, and a fly tying room.

For more information on either area or a combination trip please do not hesitate to contact Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.