It’s always a huge privilege to step back onto the hallowed flats of St Brandon’s at the start of a new season. The guide team has been preparing for months to ensure we are all set come that first day and so when it arrives everyone is simply itching to get cracking. Our first group of the season included two chaps from back home in SA, two friends from Russia, and three others from Scotland, England and the USA. We were all set to see what subtle differences and prizes St B would throw our way.

The first day saw the guides spreading out across the atoll to get a feel for what was happening on the flats in different sections of this enormous fishing playground. It wasn’t long before the radios began crackling as each guide reported good numbers of fish. The fish were here as always and our clients would be treated to bonefish fishing unlike they have encountered anywhere else.  As the week developed we landed countless numbers of fish between 6 lbs – 9 lbs, the bulk of the fishing occurring in skinny water where our guests could pick out good sized singles and doubles…classic bonefishing! Reels sang, knuckles were bruised…it was terrific fun. Sadly we weren’t able to crack the magical 10 lb bonefish this week. They were there for sure; lady luck however eluded our guests with one or two of them releasing themselves prematurely!

As for the rest of the species, let’s just say we had our chances. Granted there were no fireworks, but the guys saw enough to realize St Brandon’s offers a lot more than just bonefishing of the highest order. The Permit and GTs were around, with Thomas in particular baring the brunt of some misfortune hooking two big GTs and a really large permit, all of which managed to shake the hook. %^!!$$^.

To sum up the week it was business as usual as far the bonefishing was concerned and with a little bit of luck we could certainly have added to the species list. Nonetheless it was very enjoyable week where we would like to thank all our new friends for fishing with the team.

P.S. permit and GT’s beware…we are coming for you!

Until next week

Christiaan and the St Brandon’s guide team

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