Charlotte Chilcott


Growing up in Malawi left Charlotte with an unshakable love of travel and particularly for searching out the little known and seldom travelled parts of Africa. Having spent several years as a systems analyst for Lloyd’s for London, Charlotte spent the 10 years before joining forces with Peter McLeod working for a specialist safari and white water rafting/kayaking company.

Having travelled extensively through Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey and Nepal, Charlotte added to the tally with fishing operations elsewhere in Africa, Seychelles, Iceland, India, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize. Her knowledge is particularly invaluable to the non-fishing members of a group. Her meticulous attention to detail and planning ensures that each and every trip is unforgettable.

While her passion for fly fishing remains primarily focused on saltwater she spends her holidays searching out freshwater predator species notably Tanzanian tigerfish, Golden Mahseer, Largemouth Yellowfish and more recently, Nile Perch in Cameroon. When home she is often spotted in the evenings on one of the nearby Hampshire or Wiltshire chalk streams.


Charlotte’s Story


Favourite places

Alphonse Island, Seychelles, fishing, bonefish

Alphonse Island Fishing, Seychelles

Alphonse Island in the Seychelles offers incredible saltwater fly fishing for bonefish, trevally species, milkfish and triggerfish from the flats of St Francois Lagoon. The finest bonefishing on the planet Alphonse Island is the

Tanzania, Tanzania tigerfish, fishing in Tanzania, fly fishing in Tanzania, tigerfish, fishing for Tigerfish

Tanzania, the Mnyera and Rhudji Rivers

Over the past 7 years the fisheries of the Mnyera and Ruhudji River in south west Tanzania have built a well deserved reputation as two of the finest freshwater fisheries available to

St Brandon's Atoll, Mauritius, Aardvark McLeod, fishing, GTs, giant trevally, bonefish, permit

St Brandon’s Atoll, Mauritius

Experience would renowned fly fishing at St Brandon’s Atoll in Mauritius. Cast your line for giant bonefish, golden trevally, giant trevally and bluefin trevally. St Brandon’s Atoll represents one of

Travel Tips

Listen to your guide and go out each day with an open mind. We all have species we desperately want to catch but focusing solely on them can mean that you miss out on other species.

Pack at least one set of fishing clothes, spare glasses (or contacts) and medication in your hand luggage. If your hold bag does not arrive with you, sourcing tackle is normally much easier than finding these other items.

Always have a clear colour photocopy of your passport in your hand baggage. If you lose your passport, a colour copy is going to be much more useful in getting you replacement documentation than an indistinct, grainy black and white copy.

If you have any questions during your trip or are unhappy about any aspect of it, discuss it with your host or lodge manager whilst there; they are on hand to help and to resolve any issues.