Henry Gilbey

Henry lives in the UK and works full time as a globetrotting fishing photographer, writer, TV presenter and tackle consultant. He is also the Aardvark McLeod staff photographer and is the author of many of our fantastic images. He often accompanies either members of our staff or our clients to our destinations, especially the new ones. For anyone that has worked with Henry in the past he is ball of energy, often likened to the energiser bunny on speed.

With four TV series under his belt and a huge number of different countries visited, Henry gets his biggest kicks out of photographing good looking fishing. As well as freelancing for numerous fishing magazines around the world, Henry has also completed two fishing books for Dorling Kindersley (DK) and works as a consultant for Hardy & Greys Ltd. See more on his website at Henry’s website and follow his exploits on his regularly updated blog.