Justin Hancock

Justin has been a fishing guide and host since 2009. With a passion for fly fishing, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and guiding fellow anglers on their fishing adventures.

He’s explored fishing spots in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and Tanzania, and also Madeira for deep water big game fishing. His fly fishing experience includes catching various trout species, salmon, sea trout, grayling and pike as well as saltwater species like bass and mullet.

His favourite activity is sight fishing on chalkstreams where he says, ‘the clear waters and serene atmosphere always captivate me. It’s just as much about being in beautiful settings as it is catching fish.’

In the pursuit of success, Justin’s motto is: ‘see fish, catch fish!’ He’s looking forward to embarking on a thrilling journey with Aardvark McLeod clients, exploring the wonders of chalkstream fly fishing and creating unforgettable memories along the way.