Sounds like you’ve got a classic case of winter blues! The chalk streams may be a bit chilly now but imagine the satisfaction of landing a big grayling despite the cold and wet. Picture this: you, with waders that might have a few leaks but add character, casting your line into the crisp, clear water. The drizzle can’t dampen your spirits because you know there’s a warm pub with a crackling fire waiting for you after a successful day of fishing.

Now, let’s talk about that work mate bragging just back from a trip to Alphonse “aka: heaven on earth” in the middle of the Indian ocean with stories about more bonefish than you can poke a stick at the food was amazing ,sun on my back, best experience ever blah, blah, blah. Sure, saltwater fishing sounds fun, but anyone can catch a fish in the sun.

 It takes a true angler to conquer the challenges of winter chalk stream , sight fishing to large grayling as they sit in the shallower water, they are incredibly spooky. It is like targeting bonefish (in my imagination), any incorrect fly placement will blow your chances So what if your waders have a few leaks? It’s a battle scar, a badge of honour that shows you’re not afraid of a little adversity or frostbite, just wink and say, “Well, my fish has more character. It’s a winter warrior, battle-hardened in the cold chalk streams. “And they do say a bonefish is like a grayling on steroids or they sort of look the same anyway.

As for dreaming of sunny days on the chalkstream, just remember: the drizzle makes the sunshine even sweeter. So, embrace the cold, relish the challenge, and dream of those warm pub lunches by the fire. The sun will shine on your chalkstream adventures again! So suck it up buttercup!! and come grayling fishing brave the cold and have some stories of your own to tell when the sun does come out.

For more information, about Grayling or Pike fishing over the winter or chalkstream fly fishing availability for 2024 including Mayfly please contact Justin Hancock or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.