The Missing Salmon Alliance (MSA) is an alliance of organisations with a keen interest in the survival of our native salmon stocks which, reports MSA on its website, are currently in crisis and could be lost from many of our rivers within our lifetime if no action is taken. The alliance comprises the Atlantic Salmon Trust, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Angling Trust, Fisheries Management Scotland, The Rivers Trust and Fish Legal.

This group of conservation focused organisations has come together to drive action to save our wild Atlantic salmon from extinction by combining expertise and advocating effective management solutions. The goal is to help wild Atlantic salmon survive and thrive in our rivers and seas.

Missing salmon alliance

The MSA will be holding an online event, ‘Talking Chalkstream Salmon’, on Tuesday 8th August when the public will be invited to join key conservationists to discuss the situation facing our UK chalkstreams and the species and biodiversity within these environments.

More information is here: Online Event – Talking Chalkstream Salmon

Tickets are available for free here – Register here

Further information on Missing Salmon Alliance is available here

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