Tigerfish, on fly, in Tanzania. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the sheer power and aggression of a tigerfish taking your fly. There is no better place to do so than on the Mnyera and Ruhuji rivers of south west Tanzania where monsters do still dwell.

As the water temperatures rise, and the clarity increases the trophy tigerfish of the Mnyera and the Ruhudji rivers begin to feed aggressively. More normally fished with sinking lines and heavy flies, floating lines and surface poppers can come into play if conditions are right and seeing the explosive power of a tigerfish hitting a surface popper, is a thing of beauty, shock and awe rolled into one.

In 2018, 17 tigerfish over 20 lbs were landed and safely released. 72 fish over 12 lbs were landed and released.  In addition to the tigers, there are Vundu and 2018 saw one landed of 120 lbs and the team have actively started to target the pacu-like Ndungu on fly.Tanzania, fishing, toothless tiger, Hydrocynus tanzaniae, tigerfish, Aardvark McLeod

Dates available for the 2020 season are below. The cost for 2020 is $10,000 including the charter flight to camp.

• 5–12 September – 5 rods
• 12–19 September – 5 rods
• 19–26 September – 4 rods
• 26 September – 3 October – 2 rods
• 10–17 October – 1 rod
• 17–24 October – 2 rods
• 24-31 October – 4 rods
• 7-14 November – 7 rods

If you would like more information please contact Charlotte Chilcott or call us on ++44 1980 847389. Alternatively click HERE if you would like us to contact you.Tanzania, fishing, toothless tiger, Hydrocynus tanzaniae, tigerfish, Aardvark McLeod