Reflections on reopening for the 2023 season and a permit special

Abaco Lodge has just concluded its first season since reopening after the double hits from Hurricane Dorian in 2019 and then a worldwide pandemic. With the lodge lovingly reconstructed we’ve received a great update below from the team on their wonderful 2023 spring season and an exciting new permit fishing offer.

The Bahamas Abaco Lodge reopens

The Maverick HPX-S 17-foot skiffs have been fully refitted and are fishing like new, carrying guests through the shallowest creeks into the Marls. The ecosystem took a heavy hit from Dorian, but the fish didn’t seem to mind. The Abaco bonefish population is a testament to the resiliency of the island despite the hurricane. During our three-month season, we saw more days with double-digit numbers of bonefish than the guides have seen in many years. We also observed a larger average fish size later into the spring, as well as large schools of fish. The Marls have something to offer every angler.

The highlight of our season was a massive influx of permit into the Marls since Hurricane Dorian. We are seeing permit almost every day, and they are some of the largest permit found anywhere in the world. Though we don’t see multiple permit shots every day, each fishing session brings anglers the opportunity to land a trophy permit larger than 30lb.

The Bahamas Abaco Lodge reopens

The fish here are not like others around the world. Around 90% of the permit we fish to are riding on the backs of stingrays, feeding on the crabs and shrimp that flush out from ray while it is feeding. This changes the typical approach to permit and allows for very visual and exciting fishing. Our permit fishing is best on the warmest days. They can be found year-round when the weather is right, but April to June and October are the best months to fish them. A little bit of breeze is your friend! Having a little chop on the surface to hide your cast is crucial in permit fishing. The flat calm days are always a treat, but the fish can see you as well as you can see them.

Our guides are excited about the growing opportunity to target these mysterious fish, and we are learning more and more every day about how to catch them.

The Bahamas Abaco Lodge reopens

For true permit addicts, the exciting news from Abaco Lodge for this coming season is that they are opening up the fishery to a few exclusive groups during the tidal and seasonal windows when the greatest number of these coveted fish charge onto the flats. With a maximum of just six anglers per week, the top guides will be on hand to ensure an unforgettable experience. So, if a Bahamian permit is on your bucket list, now is the time to get in on the action.

Permit special deal – costings

Single room and guide US$9,950

Single room and shared guide US$6,550

Prices include accommodation for six nights and five days fishing.

Available dates:

16th to 22nd June 2024

22nd to 28th June 2024

28th June to 4th July 2024

For more information on Abaco Lodge and permit fishing in the Bahamas please contact Alex Jardine or call us on +44 (0) 1980 847389.