News in from Keith Rose-Innes on Alphonse Island:



“Alphonse’s first day of the season has ended and the second day has begun with frantic radio calls for a new 12 weight fly line, as the last one was removed by a Giant GT just a few minutes ago. The wind blew a steady 30 knots yesterday and coupled with constant cloud cover it was a little tricky. While sitting around the bar last night there was a feeling that all our guests still had a great time as GT’s were hooked and lost, a Milkie was fought for 5 minutes before the hook pulled, 2 baby Permit were landed, quite a few Bluefin Trevally, as well as everyone landing a bunch of good Bones. Today has begun with less cloud cover and a steady 20 knot wind which should drop with the falling tide. Everyone is out on the water and catching as always, so we look forward to this eve’s great fishing stories and fresh Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi.”

For More information contact Peter McLeod or Charlotte Chilcott or call +44 (0) 1980 847 389