A 3 1/8” Hardy Perfect Reel , donated by Aardvark McLeod and hand engraved by Callum Strong is part of the Wild Trout Trust auction.  The internet and postal auction takes place between 22nd to 31st March on eBay and by post. The live auction will take place at the Flyfishers’s Club on 5th April and tickets can be purchased from the WTT office.  Auction catalogues will be available from 14th February and for more information, please visit their website www.wildtrout.org.


Callum Strong is an extremely talented young engraver, having won several awards in the apprentice engraving category of the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council awards.   He will be entering the Hardy Perfect into this years’ competition and we look forward to seeing more of Callum’s work in the future.