Having just returned from another great trip to South America and Tierra Del Fuego. A ritual I like to do in my slightly jet lagged state is reflect on the trip through the images. Time passes too quickly when you are in the experience and it all too often seems surreal upon arriving home to a grey and gloomy UK. However, reflecting on the images makes it unforgettable, rekindles special days and keeps memories vivid for years to come.

This time it was back to Cameron Lodge, somewhere I hadn’t visited since it was renovated a couple of years ago. In the party for the week were a great bunch of fellow fishermen – I really could not have asked for a better group to accompany me to this visual and piscatorial paradise. Indeed, we even had a Manchester United supporter slip through our vetting system, but even he turned out to be a good guy! There’s hope for us all…

Images will often portray a trip far better than any words waxed lyrically, so I hope the following compilation gives some insight into the week and Cameron Lodge experience. This will be supplemented with a trip report in the near future, but for the time being I believe the adage ‘a picture is worth thousand words’ rings true, even though my images usually account for around a hundred I’m sure you get the idea…

The sleeping quarters and view of the river in the background – an idyllic way to wake up every morning, with the river the foreground and the Andes in the background. Bliss and total relaxation soon ensues.

View from in front of the lodge

Inside the new lodge. Sympathetically and tastefully built.

The gang! Along with a bankside-barbecue, Chilean style.

Just enough time for a little lunchtime siesta before the afternoon sessions begins…

Some fish from the week

Frank ‘Man Utd’ Bryant

Allan ‘Velux’ ‘Fish Slayer’ Phillips with some of his many fish for the week – Allan really showed us how it was done, with several good fish up to 20 lb.

Dave March who must have tied more flies than most tackle shops possess with some well-deserved fish, including a king salmon of around 25 lb!

‘Uncle Tim’ who stuck at it all week and got some great results on both the lakes and the river. What a joy it was to be around this gent, he even brought my clothes back that I managed to leave at the lodge!

Last but certainly not least, Dave Brooke with a magnificent sea trout

Some of the lakes – set in truly stunning surroundings

Some wildlife and flora often seen at Cameron

Gauchos rounding up their sheep

Some further shots from the week

Another great week came and went at Cameron Lodge. It’s always a great experience and one that your return from with memories far beyond that of the fish caught and lost. If you are interested in visiting in 2014 then please do contact us for more information.