Whether going as a standalone trout fishing trip or combining it with salmon fishing or a family holiday, Iceland offers some of the finest wild brown trout fishing in the world. There is a great variety of rivers offering everything from nymph and streamer fishing through to some amazing dry fly action.

There are rivers that offer good numbers of smaller trout, some provide anglers with the chance of monster trout and all are set in the stunning Icelandic landscape.

Here are a few trout fishing ideas to consider for the 2016 season:

For more information on trout fishing in Iceland please contact Alex Jardine or call +44 (0)1980 847389.

Laxardal, Laxa I Adaldal

It is a big river and a very unique fishery, unlike a lot of what you would experience in the UK. The large river is wide and shallow, and rising fish can be stalked and targeted much like flats fishing. The fish in July can often be found rising freely and average 4-5 lbs – conditions allowing and dry fly fishing is the main technique both in a prospecting style and also at specific rising fish. The lodge is probably the most comfortable trout lodge in Iceland and comes full service as standard.

Myvatnssveit, Laxa I Adaldal

Situated immediately above Laxardal, it still a big river but due to the braided nature it provides a much different experience. The channels are small and fast paced, the fishing is a mixture of nymphs and dries. The average size of fish is smaller than Laxardal, generally about 3 lbs, having said this the biggest fish of the valley are usually caught in this section. The lodging is more basic than Raudholar but it is also full service as standard.


A very interesting river offering traditional pool and riffle water in the upper section, a canyon through the middle and meandering slow flows at the bottom. You can target good numbers of trout averaging 2-3 lbs with a few between 4-6 lbs. Dry flies and traditional nymphs work well and there is also a chance of a salmon. Along with the river you also have access to a lake that has a good head of Arctic char (delicious eating if you want to take one or two for dinner). The river is limited to just four anglers, the lodging is in a basic converted farm house and is generally taken on a self-catered basis.


A delightful small river and very similar to a UK moorland stream on the upper section and a chalkstream on the lower section. The trout are usually around 1 – 2 lbs with some larger fish about, through July they love to hit dry flies. The lodge is comfortable and can only be taken on a self-catering basis. There are local shops and restaurants just 5 minutes away.


A river also in the north of Iceland but further east than Laxa I Adaldal. It is well known for its good sized brown trout and also large sea trout. The fishing here has a much more relaxed stance on fishing times than other rivers (still limited to 12 hours in one day), there can be sound good midge fishing conditions but it is definitely worth carrying a few streamers and nymphs for the larger trout and sea trout. Lodging is at a nearby guesthouse and can be taken as self-catered or full service.

For more information on trout fishing in Iceland please contact Alex Jardine or call +44 (0)1980 847389.