Pluma Lodge

Overall Conditions:
The weather is very stable, cool mornings and warm days , evenings are normally cool. We had several cloudy days and nights with thunder and lightning but the rains never came.

Weather Conditions
The weather conditions remain optimal for fishing. Not much changes from last week.

Water Condition
On Thursday the water became muddy as it rained a little in the mountains. Fishing was crazy for a couple of hours until it cleaned. The Secure river also became muddy. We fished on the muddy water with large flies. On Wednesday we had another large run of dorado and many small sabalos. In shallow places the dorado tried to bite our engine propellers.

Guests caught (5 person) in total 83 dorados, 32 pacus (2 over 30 lbs on dry fly) and 5 yatorana during the week. The biggest fish was a dorado of 31 lbs caught by Eduardo Cohen in middle section of Pluma river.

Secure & Agua Negra Lodge

Overall Conditions

The good conditions of the weather promised us a week of long days of sun. We had caught many dorado of good sizes the previous week, especially in the Secure River; therefore we waited better results this next week.

Weather Conditions
A lot of heat with very high temperatures during almost every hour of the day, full sun and very luminous days. In hours of the nap, after the lunch, some blasts of hot wind crossed the air.

Water Condition
In connection with the ambient temperature, the water in all the rivers was very hot, with very clear rivers and of a very low level.

The fishing was very difficult due to the conditions of the time and of the water. The best results were achieved in the high part of the Secure river, near Asunta and Secure Lodge. Fishing in the oxygenated currents that are formed among the stones, the biggest dorado was caught. The Agua Negra river showed many dorado and pacú, but the low level of the water demanded to the maximum the know-how of the fishermen and a technical casting and presentation of the flies.

Ten Anglers caught in total 138 dorado, plus 20 pacú during the week.

The biggest fish was a dorado of 24 lbs caught on the Secure river by Agustin Krause.

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