Tsimane at Secure, Pluma & Agua Negra Lodges

Tsimane is for those that dream of venturing into the jungle to wander intimate rock covered streams filled with aggressive and hard fighting species. It has developed a reputation for being one of the finest jungle fisheries on the planet and the go-to place fish for golden dorado. There are other destinations where you can target large golden dorado, none are like Tsimane. In these waters it is possible target large golden dorado as though they were trout.

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Tsimane continues to evolve each season as new areas are explored and discovered. With this expansion has come fresh opportunities for golden dorado, pacu, yatorana, among numerous other species. The fishing appeals to anglers from all backgrounds, salt and freshwater. Depending on the water height and clarity the fishing can be technical or not. All of the lodges are set in the most stunning locations. The jungle is reason alone to visit, but the fishing is the icing on the cake. It is an experience like no other.

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Pluma Lodge, Tsimane

There is little doubt that Pluma Lodge offers one of the most unique trips of its kind. Pluma Lodge is sits on a cliff overlooking the banks of the Pluma River just upstream from where it meets the Sécure River. From the lodge, anglers can access the Pluma, the upper Pluma, the Itirizama, and the Sécure Rivers (above and below the confluence). The fixed-base lodge has five comfortable guest rooms that each contain double beds and private bathrooms.

The Pluma River is a medium-sized freestone river whose clear waters provide a wealth of opportunities. The Pluma is more open than many other rivers in the area. Its banks of smooth gravel and rock make for relatively easy wading. To maintain this virgin environment motors have been restricted in all areas but the confluence with the Sécure. All fishing on the Pluma is by wading or poling in aluminium skiffs and dugout canoes.

Many anglers consider the Itirizama tributary to be the “jewel in the crown” of all the Tsimane programs. The Itirizama is similar in size to the headwaters of the Pluma, but its steeper gradient and more rugged terrain gives it a very different look and feel.

The Itirizama runs from west to east through a rugged canyon and has the characteristics of a typical mountain stream, fast runs, rapids, waterfalls, and large boulders. This is one of the most physically demanding areas to fish at Tsimane, but the scenery is stunning, and the waters hold some of the largest golden dorado. The Pluma offers quality over quantity, it is a true trophy fishery.

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Agua Negra Lodge, Tsimane

The Agua Negra Camp is the smallest of the Tsimane camps taking only four rods. The camp concentrates on fishing the middle stretches of Sécure River and its tributary, the Agua Negra.

The clear waters of Agua Negra hold some of the best opportunities for sight fishing out of the three Tsimane camps, especially in the upper reaches. Unlike the Sécure River, the Agua Negra is accessed on foot from the camp. Most of the river runs shallow and clear, and the bed of sand and rock allows for accessible wading and easy spotting in the right conditions. The more intimate water of the Agua Negra require a different approach to the Sécure and should appeal to lovers of technical fishing. Large dorado, pacu, and surubíe can be targeted using tactics that feel more akin to a New Zealand trout stream. The headwaters of the Agua Negra are reached by a one or two-night backpacking trip from the main camp. For the adventurous angler, this is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Secure River’s middle sections are more open than the Agua Negra but still offer clear water wedged between lush jungle mountains. This section of the river is accessed using handmade wooden dugout canoes (coambas) outfitted with push poles and small engines. It is typical to fish this section by wading downstream and using the dugout canoes to move from run to run. This middle stretch is shallow and open, filled with a subsurface structure that provides perfect ambush points for large numbers of trophy dorado.

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Sécure Lodge, Tsimane

The Sécure Lodge holds a maximum of six anglers per week. The lodge provides access to the upper and middle sections of the Sécure River and the Maniquicito and Ashahana tributaries. This wide variety of water means that anglers cover fresh water each day, and the fishery does not become too pressured. One of the most significant draws to this area is the density of dorado and pacu.

Handmade wooden dugout canoes fitted with push poles and small engines are used to move around these shallow waters. Typically, two boatmen pole the craft up and downriver, and the engine is used for running in deeper sections. There are two seats in the canoes for guests and plenty of room for gear and equipment. 

The Upper Sécure River and the Maniquicito and Ashahana tributaries differ in nature to the lower reaches closer to the main camp. Upriver the water becomes increasingly clear and the valleys more mountainous. These remote waters can only be accessed by overnight camping. But the reward for adventurous anglers is an abundance of species that rarely see a fly.

The middle sector of the Sécure River runs from Secure Lodge to Ushwea Village. This part of the Sécure is shallow and open. When it rains on the high plateau, tributaries fill the Sécure with sediment, and it becomes increasingly coloured downriver, and this can be excellent for dorado fishing. Logs, sunken trees and subsurface structure cover the banks in this part of the river. Casting to this kind of structure is challenging but exciting as there is always a chance to catch very largdorado.

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Which Lodge to choose?

Each programme is very different and will appeal in different ways. We were one of the first to visit Tsimane being fortunate to fish there before it opened. As such, we have many years of experience in informing clients and selling the programmes. Not sure which lodge will suit you best? Then please contact us to help narrow the decision.

More information?
If you would like more information then please do not hesitate to contact Peter McLeod or Alex Jardine or call our office on +44(0)1980 847 389