Summertime can offer some of the most rewarding fishing of the season as the brighter conditions can allow for excellent sight fishing with small dries and nymphs. The best of the hatches are usually later in the day when the temperature has dropped and action on sedges and small upwing species. The upper and middle reaches of the River Test can be a wonderful place to fish at this time of the season.

Testcombe is one of the prime beats on this part of the River Test and is worth singling out as being one of the best for summer fishing. The wide variety of water from fast, shallow and highly oxygenated to deep and slow makes it ideal when the weather is warmer. The addition of having a carrier to fish is also very useful for when it is sunny as there is plenty of tree cover and shade. There are few beats on the river that have such a range water types and that can cater so well to rods of all abilities.

Testcombe River Test, Chalkstream Fly Fishing, Aardvark McLeod

The Fishing

The fishery is split into two beats. The Home beat which is perfect for two to three rods and the Away beat which is ideal for two rods. The fishing is available for groups of 2 to 6 anglers, with full corporate events possible.

The Away Beat
The Testcombe Away beat is a continuous stretch running over 750 metres of the main River Test. The fishing is all from the true right-hand bank and mainly done from a well-maintained path. In several places, wooden walkways help anglers reach past the mature reed beds to target fish that would otherwise be out of sight. The beat features a small wooden fishing shelter from the river in a quiet copse, a perfect spot to enjoy a simple angler’s picnic.

Testcombe River Test, Chalkstream Fly Fishing, Aardvark McLeod

The Home Beat
The Home Beat offers a wide mixture of water types from fishing on the on the main River Test to the carrier that runs parallel. All the fishing on the main river is on the true left-hand bank and there is plenty of space to cast with few obstructions. The water on the lower part of the beat shallower and faster so fishes well during the summer. For those interested in a challenge the carrier has plenty of tree cover on one bank and being quite narrow is ideal for smaller rods.

Testcombe River Test, Chalkstream Fly Fishing, Aardvark McLeod

The main focal point for Testcombe is the spectacular Grade II listed fishing hut which dates back to 1888 and is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in a day’s chalkstream fly fishing. The hut is situated on a long island in the middle of the stretch. Although originally a pavilion for a tennis court built by the Disraeli family, it is now the ideal fishing hut. The main hut is taken with the home beat or if a group books the fishing exclusively. It is ideal for a summertime picnic with family members or a BBQ with friends where you can enjoy a long lunch before preparing for the evening rise of olives and sedge. The Away Beat has its own hut on the opposite bank.

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