There are two headwater streams that feed the Avon both rising in the Vale of Pewsey, the West Avon stream rises in greensand whereas the East Avon comes from chalk. Because of the west arm the Avon cannot be considered a true chalk stream in the strictest sense of the word and sometimes can become a little coloured after persistent heavy rain usually clearing after a couple of days. Below the confluence just above Upavon the river runs through chalk down the valley to Salisbury.

Fly life on the Avon upstream of the city is generally considered to be far better than on some of the more prestigious rivers and streams of the chalk catchment and our beat is no exception having hatches of all the up-winged flies.  The mayfly hatch once started usually around second to third week of May often continues sporadically right through the season and it is not unusual to see these flies as late as October with the trout and grayling still taking a very active interest.

The early spring migrant birds are beginning to arrive, whilst visiting the beat recently I saw a solitary Sand Martin hawking the river and heard the distinctive call of a Chiffchaff hiding somewhere in the willow bushes that fringe the bank.

Our beat on the Heale Estate can be taken for between one and three rods with some great dates available this season.  There are still some April days available for those looking for an early day on this water.
1 rod – £190
2 rods – £320
3 rods – £420

For more information on chalkstream fishing please contact Bill Latham or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.