Why Book with Aardvark McLeod

We are a small, privately owned, UK based company, who have a passion for fishing and travel. Sharing that passion and our knowledge is why we do what we do and it gives us a legitimate excuse to talk about fishing every day.

We hope that the following will answer any questions you may have on why you should book a trip through us, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if not as we are always happy to talk it through.

Unrivalled depth and breadth of knowledge

Whether you are looking for freshwater or saltwater fishing, as a group or as a single angler, we will be able to recommend destinations that are ideal for you. Whether you want to travel internationally or stay closer to home and fish our beautiful chalkstreams there are options to suit every angler and most budgets. While we specialise in fly fishing trips, if you are looking to travel as a couple or with your family then there are abundant options taking you from the plains of Africa to the rainforests of Belize via the eagle festivals in Mongolia.

100% financial protection

We are a fully bonded Tour Operator, which means that you have full financial security throughout your booking. You are protected from the minute that you pay your deposit, irrespective of whether your holiday includes flights. The financial protection provided through our bonding protects you should we cease trading and we are required, by right of our contractual relationship, to provide a suitable alternative should our supplier cease trading. If you book direct overseas, or with a non-bonded company in the UK (always check/ask, otherwise you are putting yourself in financial risk), you are financially at risk.

Our booking services are free

We make money from the lodges, not from you. We will never charge you more than you would pay by going direct to the fishing lodges, so why take the risk or chance? Very often we can save you money and while we cannot always compete with online airline offers that undercut our contracts, we will always check and let you know if it is cheaper for you to buy your flights elsewhere.

Unbiased, impartial advice

We do not have large, exclusive contracts with a correspondingly large financial commitment attached. We don’t own lodges or leases and neither do we pretend that we do. As such, our advice is objective, unbiased and will give you the widest selection of options available based on your preferences and what will work for you.

First-hand knowledge and experience

Between us we have 95 years worth of travel industry experience and have spent much time travelling both with fishing rods and without. Our advice is based on our own experiences and no-one at Aardvark McLeod works on commission. We only recommend those lodges and operations that we know and trust and if we don’t feel it is the right destination for you, we will tell you – we will not recommend a destination for the sake of making a booking.

A one stop shop, making it easy for you

Time is a precious commodity, both before your trip where planning can be time consuming as well as whilst you are away. Before you confirm a trip, we will spend time discussing it with you and covering those all important details from the destination and time of year to your preferences on plane seating and dietary requirements. Kit and tackle are an all important part of every discussion. By doing this, we remove the stress and time you would have to invest in planning and arranging your trip yourself. We know what routes work best, which hotels to use and how to avoid unnecessary and costly stopovers. We deal with all the arrangements on the ground on your behalf both before you travel and, if the need arises, while you are still travelling.

Hosted trips do not cost more than travelling alone

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not spread the travel costs of a host amongst the group, we absorb those costs as we believe that the trip cost should be the same regardless of whether we are hosting the trip or not. Our aim is to add to your trip experience by being here, not charge you more for having us there.

Established relationships with operators

We have worked with the vast majority of our suppliers for years and we are confident that we are working with the best in the business. Those longstanding relationships mean that we can often make arrangements for you outside of their normal remit and should something go wrong we can usually put it right far quicker, with less hassle, than those who are travelling under their own steam.

We are there if you need us, with full emergency phone cover

We are always on hand to talk to while you are travelling, to help with any queries and to make any changes and adjustments to your arrangements should the need arise. As importantly, should your family or business partners need to contact you, we are on hand to help them and to be a point of contact here in the UK. You can of course, always just call us to let us know you caught that fish of a lifetime.

Fairest Exchange Rate

We will give you the fairest exchange rate in the market if you choose to pay in sterling. Whether you choose to fix the rate of exchange at each payment point or in advance for the whole trip, the choice is yours. Once fixed it will not change. If you see a like-for-like priced package with a competitor check the exchange rate you’re offered if paying in sterling when the package is priced in US$ or Euro. You will find our rates competitive and more often than not cheaper than the competition. If you would prefer to pay us in Euro or US$, there is no fee for doing so, please just let us know.

A little “Thank You”

We also try to include a little “thank you” somewhere in your booking, whether on the ground in in your final departure pack and no, the cost is not hidden somewhere in the cost of your trip. Just before you travel,

Before you travel

You have the choice of having hard copies of your travel documents or using our online facility. Working with Appex Mobile, we are delighted to be able to offer them access to VAMOOS, a dedicated app designed for the travel industry. It is free to download and totally optional and once you have your access code, all your documents will be available online on a phone or a tablet. We are very happy to provide you with both, the choice is yours.

So, why not give us a try? We believe we offer the most personal service in the industry which is complimented by our knowledge and our attention to detail. If you are passing, please stop in and meet us all … there are always biscuits in the tin.

For more information please contact us.