Wildman Lake Lodge, remote fishing Alaska. Coho, chinook (king salmon).

There are a plethora of lodges in Alaska, so much so that it becomes overwhelming when trying to choose the correct one for you. The good news is that with so much choice there really is something for everyone, it’s just a case of tailoring according to your requirements. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Alaska overview HERE.

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For those looking to escape into the wilderness when they visit Alaska, which is not as easy as it may first seem due to the amount of lodges that can operate within a given watershed, then we believe Wildman Lake Lodge is one of the finest. The lodge offers amazing fishing for kings, sockeye, chum, pinks, coho and a myriad of trout species. It really is one that should be looked at given the experience it offers and the opportunities it presents.

When to visit? This largely depends on what you want to target. The following table should help with that decision:

wildman lake lodge, alaska, fishing alaska, wilderness fishing alaska, fishing king salmon, coho, chinook, aardvark mcleod

Availability and Cost
24th June – 1st July; US$7,895
1-8th July; US$7,895
8-15th July; US$7,895
15-22nd July; US$7,895
5-12th August; US$7,895
18-25th August; US$7,950
19-26th August; US$7,950
26th August – 2nd September; US$8,495
16-23rd September; US$8,495
23-30th September; US$8,495

Wildman Lake Lodge, remote fishing Alaska. Coho, chinook (king salmon).

Please note; these costs INCLUDE the return charter flight to/from the lodge to/from Anchorage. They also include fly-out days. Please contact us for further details and to confirm availability numbers.

For more information please email Steffan Jones or phone 01980 847 389.