On Thursday 21st February we had a fantastic evening at Grangers Fishing Tackle in South Kensington presenting salmon fishing in Norway. Harald Oyen gripped us with stories of huge salmon from the Northern Rivers of Reisa, Malselv and Lakselv, a short video, and backed his chat up with some very impressive river statistics. We have noticed a shift of attention from mid Norway and the Trodelag region to the North which is perhaps indicative of NASF net buy out coming to a close. The Norwegian Government will be allowing the return of netting in force in the Trondelag fjord which is very worrying.

We had between 30 – 40 people attend including angling writers David Profumo and Neil Patterson who have experienced these fabulous rivers and were on hand to help with questions. Peter Gibson from Hardy & Greys was there to answer questions about all the latest Hardy & Greys equipment, and world class fly tyer Davie McPhail was on hand tying some of his favourite salmon flies.

Bill Howell from Fishing for Forces was also there to discuss the various projects with the wounded he is working on. For the last two years we at Aardvark McLeod have been sponsors of this incredible charity.We also had a suprise visit from Brandon King, formally a guide on Alphonse and now runs our Madagascar Operation, it was lovely to see him.

Lastly a big thank you to Ben Granger and Jason Bowen for allowing us to host this event at their shop and a great time was had by all. The professionalism and overseas tackle expertise puts them at the top of our list for international fishing clients.