With the beautiful weather bestowed upon us this Easter it is the perfect opportunity to introduce someone to our magical sport. Why not take advantage of the ‘Take a Friend Fishing’ campaign, where that person can be introduced for free! The offer of a free Environment Agency licence last until midnight on the 12th of April, so do hurry if you want to take advantage of it.

Here is some more information on the scheme and what is planned:

The Easter holiday period heralds the first of three TAKE A FRIEND FISHING (TAFF) campaign initiatives for 2015, to encourage parents, grandparents, guardians and friends to enjoy fishing with family members and friends who have not fished before, free of charge.

Existing anglers can obtain a free one-day rod licence (each worth £3.75) to enable them to take their mates or family members on fishing sessions between Friday, 3rd April and midnight, April 12th 2015.


There are also a number of free venues to fish through this voucher, which you can also find at the above link.

Good luck, tight lines and enjoy.