We were delighted to host the UK premiere of “7 Degrees South – Alphonse Island” on Thursday 19th September at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. A very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who came along to see the film, we hope you enjoyed the hour long escape into the world of saltwater guides.

The film, by Daniel Göz and Richard Morton, was viewed in glorious surround sound and high definition quality at one of London’s most prestigious cinemas. With wonderfully comfortable seats, refreshments and popcorn to hand, we all settled in to enjoy the visual banquet.

The film follows five saltwater fishing guides across the flats and into the blue waters of the atolls of Alphonse and St Francois in search of seven prime species. Bonefish, giant trevelly, triggerfish, permit, sailfish, milkfish and dog tooth tuna were the target species and the film has some never before seen underwater footage of the species that is truly stunning.

Keith Rose-Innes, Devan van der Merwe, Andrew Mayo, Serge Samson, and Wayne Haselau shared their love of saltwater fly fishing and the species of these rich and varied waters. All have many years saltwater guiding under their belts and their passion for what they do was unmistakable. Added into the film were short interviews with James Chrismas, who has returned to Alphonse to guide this season, and Graeme Field, who has guided there in the past.

A shorter version will be available online on 1st October, free of charge. There will also be a longer version, which you can pre-purchase, with additional footage that can not be viewed elsewhere and please do support the film makers Indigogo campaign in relation to the film.