Aardvark McLeod were delighted to be involved in the World Pheasant Association Charity Clay Shoot on Friday 21st June at The Oxfordshire Shooting School.

Despite a slightly drizzly start, it didn’t take long for the guns to get in the swing of it and start working their way around. The layout is excellent and advice and help on hand for anyone wanting pointers. By lunch, the sun was out and the smell of lunch wafting over the grounds a great inducement for the tail end charlies to finish up.

It was a fantastic day and our thanks to everyone who came along and helped to raise the funds for the WPA. Particular thanks to Jean and Keith Howman (WPA)and to Charlie Stewart-Woods (TOSS) for the immense amount of energy and organisation that made the day such a success.

WPA is a UK registered charity founded in 1975. The focus is the conservation of all 286 species of Galliformes (game birds)which are important to humans globally. Through our interest in these species, we work hard to conserve them, achieving this in a variety of ways including breeding birds in captivity that are threatened with extinction in the wild.

If you would be interested in taking part in any of the other WPA days (there are three throughout the year) and come with your own team of four or join another team as an individual, please contact the WPA office or call 01661 853397. WPA Website