Henry Gilbey and Nick Hart have just arrived in Montana where they are fishing from Yellowstone Valley Ranch. Currently amidst some of the most incredible scenery on the planet amidst the elk and bison, they are find out what the fabled American trout fishing is like. I know there first day has been greeted with very high water conditions after an extremely late snow melt this year I am hoping they will get amongst the fish tomorrow.



The American West has for many years been the home of serious trout fishing, and it will be very interesting to see their opinion on how it compares to our trout fishing here in the UK. They are also testing some of the new Hardy equipment, so I will also be interested to see how it stands up.

Yellowstone Valley Ranch is one of our principal operations in Montana and offers fantastic trout fishing alongside fine accommodation. It is also a lodge totally suited to families as there are a huge variety of activities that can be organised from rafting and kayaking to horse trekking.


If you would be interested in following their progress as they careen across Yellowstone National Park then please keep an eye on Henry’s Blog and Nick’s Blog