The latest Kendjam 2023 availability is a timely reminder that a fly fishing holiday in Brazil is so much more than just an angling expedition. Add fascinating indigenous culture, fabulous wildlife, birdlife, and scenery and you’ll have a truly memorable experience. Kendjam Lodge on the Iriri River offers a wonderful chance for adventurous anglers to target a variety of species in the remote crystal clear Amazon waters.

If you want some inspiration ahead of the 2023 season, grab a coffee and have a look at this video about the Kendjam experience.

2023 Kendjam availability:

July 23 to 30 – 1 rod

August 13 to 20 – 2 rods

August 20 to 27 – 6 rods

September 17 to 24 – 3 rods

2023 Combo trip Kendjam/Xingu availability:

September 3 to 10 – 3 rods

September 10 to 14 – 3 rods

Kendjam 2023 availability

Here are the top ten things to know about Kendjam Lodge:

 Kendjam 2023 availability

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