The fly fishing in Slovenia is an incredible experience with great versatility in terms of locations, species and even times of years. Much like our own fishing in the UK, it is possible to fish all year round if one wants to target different species, and is willing to wrap up warm in the winter!


Fly fishing Slovenia, Aardvark McLeod

The thaw in early spring results in some rivers carrying snow melt and often the best fishing is had in the tributaries, these are equally beautiful and provide great sport. April can be a wet month but our experienced guide team has the knowledge and access to have great fishing even in high water. Various rivers in the area react differently rainfall, on some there may be two to three days delay before the water height increases, and at such times we fish these only returning to the main rivers when the level has settled. Fishing with nymphs is the mainstay at this time of the season, but if conditions are you can fish dry flies during the daytime.


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Throughout the summer (July, August) fishing can be excellent. The water temperature can be warm on some larger rivers, but on smaller creeks and tributaries where there is more cover it is cooler and fishing can be sensational. In summer there are no concerns of snow melt or high water. If the days are sunny and hot, the evening hatches are not to be missed.


Fly fishing Slovenia, Aardvark McLeod

Autumn (September, October and November) is the time when all the Salmonid family starts to feed more intensively to prepare for long winter ahead. The scenery changes dramatically as the leaves turn from green to brilliant red and gold. As the days become shorter hatches tend to be more sparse, but if the sun comes out, which it often does, you will catch fish on the dry fly during the day.


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Winter is a special time of year and is reserved for Danube salmon. For years this fish has been widely targeted on spinning tackle in Slovenia, but our team of guides have perfected the art catching them on fly. These powerful “huchen” can be an elusive quarry, but are well worth the effort. Landing your first 40 inch land locked salmon is an experience not to be missed. Aside from fishing, the Slovenian winter can offer a range of other sporting activities, such as skiing, tobogganing or sledding. Our guides are experts at all these things, and licensed to provide these activities.

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