Travel restrictions have meant that UK anglers have been unable to reach the beautiful fly fishing rivers of Slovenia, until now. Following changes to both the UK and Slovenia requirements it is once again possible for UK anglers to fly to the delightful mountain rivers and streams of central Europe.

Latest Travel Requirements from the UK

For leisure travel to be possible at the moment travellers are required to meet certain criteria from both their country of origin and their destination country. As of the 15th July 2021 we are delighted to announce that these requirements now mean travel from the UK is possible. Please note travel requirements can change without notice.

UK Travel Requirements to Slovenia

Slovenia is currently on the UK’s Amber list of countries.

These rules only apply if you are fully vaccinated under the UK vaccination programme.

If you are not fully UK vaccinated, or you have been in France in the 10 days before you arrive in England, you must follow the amber list rules for people who are not fully UK vaccinated.

Before you travel to England you must:

You will need to:

Slovenia Travel Requirements for UK arrivals

Entry to Slovenia:

Airports in Slovenia remain open for passenger flights. You should consult airlines for details of flight options, to and from Slovenia.

International passenger train connections are open. You should visit the Deutsche Bahn website for the latest schedule.

If you are travelling to Slovenia indirectly, please refer to the Travel Advice for the countries which you will be transiting through.

Quarantine requirements:

From 15 July 2021, Slovenia has abolished the Dark Red, Red, Amber and Green Lists. From this date, rules on entry will apply to all countries.

Entry to Slovenia will only be allowed if one of the following is provided on arrival:

-A 2nd dose of Pfizer/BioNtech plus at least 7 days
-A 2nd dose of Moderna plus at least 14 days
-A first dose of AstraZeneca plus at least 21 days
-A dose of Janssen by Johnson & Johnson / Jansse-Cilag plus at least 14 days
-A 1st dose of Covishield by the Serum Institute of India / AstraZeneca plus at least 21 days
-A 2nd dose of Sputnik V plus at least 14 days
-A 2nd dose of Coronavac from Sinovac Biotech plus at least 14 days

Anyone seeking to enter Slovenia who fails to submit one of the documents outlined above will be sent to quarantine at home for ten days. If the traveller does not have permanent or temporary residency in Slovenia, they will only be permitted to enter Slovenia and submit to 10 days of quarantine if they can prove they have somewhere to undertake that quarantine.

The Slovenian authorities will not permit entry from people who do not have permanent or temporary residency in Slovenia if they will be unable to leave Slovenia due to the measures in place in neighbouring countries.

Quarantine can be ended with a negative PCR test on Day 5.

People without permanent or temporary residency in Slovenia will be denied entry if they declare they are positive for Covid-19 or show obvious signs of infection of Covid-19. They will be permitted to transit through Slovenia, if upon entering they can unequivocally prove that their reason for entering is to transit Slovenia.

PCR tests, and Rapid Antigen Tests, vaccination certificates and certificates of illness conducted in the UK are accepted by the Slovenian authorities.

Fly Fishing the Rivers of Slovenia

Being only a couple of hours travel from the UK Slovenia is a must visit fly fishing destination. Nestled in the heart of Europe this small country offers some of the world’s finest trout and grayling fly fishing.

As travel routes begin to ease in 2021 we expect some of these short haul destinations will be a great option for those looking for long weekends or full week-long trips. The season fishes well from April through to early October, and even in the winter time for the unique Danube salmon.

What is it that makes Slovenia such a special destination? There are many reasons, but stunning scenery, great fishing, clear waters and ease of access are a few.

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The gin-clear rivers benefit throughout the season from snowmelt. This drains through porous rock before resurfacing as mineral-rich spring water. The result is the water that runs cool throughout the summer and offers perfect growing conditions for fly life and fish.

In the North West of Slovenia, there are two river systems which offer some of the world’s finest river fishing. The longest alpine river in Slovenia, the Sava, and the Adriatic basin’s Soča River.

Fly fishing Slovenia, Aardvark McLeod

Small mountain tributaries of sky blue water flow from the Julian Alps into Soča and Sana. Due to the clarity of the water, there are plentiful opportunities for sight fishing. It isn’t easy to find fishing of this style or rivers of this nature closer than New Zealand.

So long as you are willing to wrap up, it is possible to fly fish in Slovenia all year. Great trout and grayling fishing can be had in spring, summer and autumn. The depths of winter are reserved for the elusive Danube salmon (Huchen).

Fly fishing Slovenia, Aardvark McLeod

Slovenia Fly Fishing Accommodation

A wide variety of good accommodation in the historic towns of Bled and Kobarid gives great to access the Soca, Sava and their tributaries.

To fish the Sava and its tributaries, the beautiful spa town of Bled is the best place to base yourself. Located 30 minutes from the capital of Ljubljana it is easy to get to and provides good access to the swift mountain streams.

Kobarid is perfectly positioned to target much of the Soča River and its tributaries. On the other side of the Julian Alps to the Sava River, Soča system typically offers much bigger rivers.

Travelling to Slovenia


This latest British Airways schedule operates four days a week during the summer months from London Heathrow to Ljubljana. This is the perfect option for those looking to travel in comfort and with alternative time options to the regular EasyJet flights.

EasyJet will still offer direct flights to Ljubljana from both London Stansted and (7 days per week) and London Gatwick (4 days per week).

For more information about fly fishing in Slovenia please contact Alex Jardine. Alternatively you can call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.