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Anglers Against Litter, Angling Trust

Anglers Against Litter

22 September 2020

Join thousands of other anglers to help reduce the litter around our waters. Anglers Against Litter is the Angling Trust’s campaign to provide a voice for anglers to engage with

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Chalkstream APPG

14 September 2020

For those unaware of what a APPG is, and I was one. It is an All-Party Parliamentary Group. These informal cross-party groups have no official status within Parliament and are

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Chalkstreams; Small Is Beautiful

09 June 2020

Some love big rivers some love small. While I will fish in any waterway no matter how muddy, boggy or unappealing there is something about smaller trout streams that has

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Chalkstreams; The Mayfly

12 May 2020

As the season swings past spring and leaves on the trees grow ever larger and greener my thoughts turn towards one of the most glorious times of the season. May,

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Oh For The Love of Trout

11 April 2020

Oh For The Love of Trout As the world of fly fishing has evolved, we are now able chase bigger, nastier and more exotic species than ever before. Huge flies

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