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Sudan, trigger fish, Aardvark McLeod

Sudan; Why We Love The Nubian Flats

31 July 2020

The Nubian flats of Sudan have proved themselves year on year and yet still manage to throw us piscatorial surprises. Without a shadow of a doubt it has claimed the

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Christmas Island; Why Go?

15 October 2019

Christmas Island (also known as Kiritimati) is nestled in the southern Pacific and is an atoll that has long been a name associated with saltwater fishing. So why should you

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Sudan, trigger fish, Aardvark McLeod

Sudan; fishing Sudan’s Nubian Flats

03 October 2018

There is no fishing destination on earth quite like the Nubian flats in Sudan. From the extraordinary back drop of red desert mountains to the stunning crystal clear waters of

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Kiribati; All I want for Christmas

03 September 2018

Since our first exploratory trips to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) back in 2013 we have had continual interest in this historic saltwater fishery. So close to the equator it truly is

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