Alphonse Island, Seychelles – November 2023

Charlotte will be returning for her regular trip to Alphonse Island in November 2023 and November 2024. This wonderful fishery continues to be super consistent – both in terms of the angling and the operation itself. With the continuation of the popular blue water fishing, it is possible to target pelagic species on the fly as well as the plethora of species found on the flats of both St Francois Atoll and around Alphonse Island.

Alphonse Island – Some of the finest saltwater fishing on the planet

Alphonse Island is one of those rare fisheries suitable for all anglers, whether you are targeting bonefish, giant trevally, milkfish, permit and a whole host of other reef and flats species. It is one of the best known saltwater destinations in the Indian Ocean and while famous as a prolific bone fishery, the sheer diversity gives anglers the opportunity to target a myriad of different species. The hard white sand flats teem with bonefish, with huge schools ghosting across the flats and large singles and doubles feeding along the drop offs. GTs and triggerfish cruise the coral edges and finger flats while milkfish feed in the channels and weed lanes around the outside of atoll. The majority of fishing takes place on the flats of the St Francois Atoll which is a 40 minute boat crossing from Alphonse. The guide team rotates every day allowing anglers to explore this wonderful fishery in expert company.

Why Charlotte wants to fish this destination:

There isn’t a day of the week I don’t find myself mentally wandering off to the flats of St Francois. There’s always unfinished business here and with so much to offer, one trip is never going to be enough.

It is without doubt one of the best bonefishing destinations in the world with consistently high numbers of bonefish to target, an average size in the 3lb plus range and fish over 60cm landed regularly. That said, what really holds my interest is the fabulous supporting cast of fish that can also be landed in an average week; groupers, snappers, emperors,

GTs may take the lion’s share of the glory, and permit are responsible for many a clammy palm but triggerfish are my personal nemesis. How I love these tricksy, picky personality filled creatures which frequent Alphonse and St Francois in good numbers.

Away from the fishing, Alphonse Island is simply a great place to stay. Convivial and comfortable it’s one of those places you return from feeling like you’ve had a proper holiday.

Trip Itinerary 2023:

Saturday 18th November: Fly Mahe to Alphonse Island

Sunday 19th November to Friday 24th November: six full days fishing

Saturday 25th November: Fly Alphonse Island to Mahe

This week is a great opportunity to head out with Charlotte and find out just why she loves to come back here time and time again.

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