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Iceland Fishing Report: 16th August

16 August 2016

The news from Iceland this week is that finally the heavens have opened and the country is getting some much need rain. After an unprecedented dry spell spanning from the

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Iceland Fishing Report; 9th August

09 August 2016

The clear skies and dry weather have continued over the last week in Iceland prolonging very low water and tricky salmon fishing conditions. Things are looking up as the west coast

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Iceland Fishing Report; 26th July

26 July 2016

After the bright conditions and lack of rain we have seen over the last few weeks the Iceland weather reverted somewhat back to normal over the weekend. Cooler temperatures and

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Iceland Fishing Report; 19th July

19 July 2016

The weather in Iceland in Iceland was lovely last week. Too lovely. The west coast has had highs of 16 degrees and lows of 14 degrees with bright clear skies.

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Iceland Fishing Report; 11th July

11 July 2016

The reports from Iceland this week is a little mixed. Nearly all the rivers have been reporting excellent numbers of large fish entering the rivers on most tides, but the

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Iceland Fishing Report; 5th July

04 July 2016

Last week in Iceland began with some rain on the west coast that did a wonderful job of topping up the rivers without flooding them. Temperatures have remained reasonably consistent

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Iceland Fishing Report; 28th June 2016

27 June 2016

The first weeks of the Iceland season have seen fantastic catches of multi-sea wintered salmon throughout the country and the large brown trout of the north are already readily taking

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